Tuesday, 11 November 2014

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Unlimited skill queue. Where have you been all this time?

I think that the financial claws being sunk into CCP the last year or two of stagnant to declining subscriber numbers are starting to bite. No longer is the game almost wilfully being kept cryptic, obtuse and impenetrable. The company is finally realising that sometimes making people play the game is counterproductive to people actually wanting to play - for example, I set 45 days of skills when the unlimited queue came out. I now roll through 2 or 3 days skills without having to sign on at 11 p.m. after signing out at 10 p.m. because i realised i forgot to update my skills queue and it would run out at night. Like, every fucking week.

I am in the category of "goes away for weeks at a time" and I hate having to sometimes plan out to have a 3 week long skillup my sleeve in case i get called out bush for 2 weeks of drilling or opal prospecting. I end up training irrelevant shit just to unlock a turret skill that's 3 weeks long.

i can see a lot of people would just give up. You pay for a service, and it turns into Candy Crush or one of those fucking fremium apps (or, even, World of Tanks where you get double rewards for one victory each 24 hours, thereby encouraging you to log in and hopefully double down on some gold ammo).

Fuck that noise. If youre paying or PLEXing the game, train as much as you want!


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  1. Best Quality of life change since they increased the number of corp bookmarks imo :)


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