Friday, 14 November 2014

Shattered Space

OK, so you can all read about Thera and the shattered wormholes.

i honestly think CCP is overestimating how many people will really want to live in the Jita of j-space, once the initial rush wears off. I think the lack of Local won't be a problem; spambots will mean that there's enough white noise from scams and bullcrap that you can go about your business in complete safety precisely because there's 1,000 people 0.01íng each other on the market.

Yeah, we really needed that.

The 25 C6 Wolf-Rayet frigate holes....I really just can't even. Its such a bad idea. I mmean, OK, we in SWIFT BUGRY have a solid Enyo doctrine, but it relies more or less on Execqurors for reps. Inquisitors just don't cut the mustard unless you have large - very large  - gangs. 4 guys at a time gangs, it's just going to be ganks, ganks, and getting podded out in HIC bubbles.

No one will sign up for that.

The other holes, with wormhole ice? Cool. Maybe we will kill a few Orcas and Mackinaws. Maybe we don't. Maybe we just don't care to live from Orcas and depots.

This is a great 101 extra, dead, systems to chain up with k-space and j-space. More nullsec, dead systems to go through to find someone in a system on the other side of it, idling at a POS and bait them out with a Nereus. Maybe a few you will farm for sleeper goo, but...yay?

If Fozzie and Greyscale made 5 of the frig holes W-R, 5 Pulsar, 5 Red Giant, 5 Cataclysmic, 5 Magnetar and 5 Black Holes, then yeah, there would be some fascinating and interesting possibilities to explore and fantastic PVP to get into in frigs, destroyers and HICs. I hope they wise up and do this. I don't think we need a blunt, obvious carrot dangled in front of us with W-R systems alone.

We are big boys. If we cant play with big toys, then at least give us some cool ones, not a box of chocolates all of the same flavour.


  1. imho frigate wormholes is worst what happened to W-space. Most guys fly pods with implants ranging from 100mil to over 1bil. People like that have hard time jumping into frigate with a paper ship. Not to mention the hassle of getting back. There might be some corps using Enyo gangs, but they have been using them before. Frig wormholes for me feels just another useless sig I have to scan. Thank god spawn rate was nerfed.

    1. The expensive pod argument is yet another "so, wow, how elite am I, look at my toys" fallacy. It's like the guy who says he won't undock in anything less than a faction cruiser because "he's at that level of the game".

      The game is not an irreversible progression of power, trapping you in ever-more expensive ships and pods. This is entirely something that people convince themselves they need in order to be "elite", or is part of some arbitrarily decided minimum buy-in price for w-space.

      Fozzie is being clumsy and slab-handed in forcing C6 W-R into the shattered frig holes, and it is only going to be a blap-a-thon. A bit of a waste of potential gameplay options to develop a range of metas and doctrines, sure, but that's not stopping anyone using the space.

      There will be people who won't enter due to their implants. That's nothing more than them being constrained by their choices, and so be it. Its no one's fault but their own. There's people who won't go on lowsec roams because they fear losing their 5.0 sec status. people who won't enter nullsec due to the HG slave pod - and who whine and doctor images to attach to petitions so when they do llose their HG slave/snake pods in lowsec they get reimbursed.

      None of this sort of bullshit washes with me. If you load your head with 500M of implants to get into a 1.5B bling-fit Proteus and are "elite", then you should be prepared to lose everything. What you will find is these are the same cowardly shitstains who drop 4 DPS Proteus and 6 Guardians (no shit) on a solo Drake, because otherwise it's too risky.

      What is that, then? Just being risk averse bumlicks worried about a KB efficiency. There's so many guys with 2,000 kills, 20 losses and every one of their kills is 15 vs 1-3 guys in wormholes, when they bring 2-4 Guardians.

      Sure, you'll never convince these faggots to get out of their 250K EHP Proteuses, and sure, they'll maintain 95% ISK efficiency, because they never engage in any decent fight there's a risk of losing, but so what? Their loss.

      Or, they could ditch the pimp clone in hisec, spawn some JC's, and ship down. This will become possible when the Bittervet Tax is removed.

  2. the more i think about thera and the added holes my reaction is 'so what?'all the 'new content' seems to be just added fluff with not much of anything really interesting to it. I dont live in a wormhole now and could careless about spending hours trying to scan down a wormhole to a system where its a thunderdome. just not for me. my subs run out in a few days and thats it for me and eve. time to move on.


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