Saturday, 22 November 2014

Frig hole failures

We found a Raven and Merlin sitting on a wormhole, baiting obviously. We were 3 connections away, bored, and one of the connections was a frigate hole. We thought, fuck it, #YOLO, and brought 2 Enyos and 2 Hawks, mostly because we didn't have 4 Hawks. Also, mainly, because we didn't neccessarily want to drop 4 HICs onto something unscouted and baity.

It turned out to indeed be a trap, and we had yoloed into the hard counter for our fleet, randomly, which was RLML Caracals and other frigs. Outnumbered 7 to 4, we copped a few losses.

Analysing this, of course, we really do need to have 12 guys online at the same time, aand this solves alll problems. There wasn't really much else you can do versus more than a couple of enemies with 4 members via a frig hole, which is the big limitation with these things. It's possible we could have taken down one or two things using Vengeances, due to having sufficient buffer to survive long enough to drop a Caracal or two, but there's no logi option you can bring through a frig hole that isn't suicide or useless when deployed in less than 4 or 5 at a time (hence the 12 guys).

Besides HICs, which are a 300-350M buy-in, there's not really much which can tank anything of substance, in a brawl. This really does drive home how mad the upcoming Shattered frig holes are going to be - it wasn't much of a fight in a Hawkbeing shot by a RLML Caracal. You do fine till the missiles land when your booster is nearly about to cycle, and you vape. That's going to be even more of a thing with C6 WR effect.

No one should be looking forward to this.

At least our losses were small. We await the Confessor stats and add a month or two after release, and might have the funds to buy them. It better be tanky!

I mean, OK, we YOLO├ęd it and so be it. Played ur hand, it was unfrotunate we were facing the hard counter and not HAM Drakes or Proteuses or something, and so be it. But if you are only ever going to be facing your hard counters, then yeah, waste of time having to burn 24 jumps home in a shuttle.

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