Friday, 4 December 2015

Shameboat III's Odyssey - Another Gila

I spent all yesterday stalking wormholes for no appreciable gain. Today, found my way through to Rokofur and probed 3 holes out. I had the old duo of the Jigglypuff's Vagina:  dual-prop dual-rep Stratios and the Shameboat III combat Falcon.

I sent the Falcon into a C3 and camped an occator in his POS. I jumped my Stratios into an R943 to a C2. Saw a Caracal. Swiftly murdered him.

As I was cleaning up his tractor and trying to avoid the Sleepers, he returned with a Gila, which was a small surprise. So I started heating the reppers and tried going for his drones as I pulled the Falcon ut of the other hole and humped it over. The DPS was too much, so I waped my Strat off to a planet so I could reload my AAR, cap booster, clear some heat and rep armour.

Went back in, and the Gila was gone - but tractor still there, so it wasn't long before he came in again. This time, I deployed the Falcon at 30km and jammed his drones, then scooted in for backup point. I tossed some hammerheads out; the Sleepers ate most of them. Out went my Berserkers. The Sleepers and the Gila ate them. Out went some Valks. The Sleepless Outguard started shooting the Falcon, so I had to jam it. This freed up the Gila's drones. The Gila set his drones on the Falcon, so I jammed them. They went back to the Stratios. I was like playing whack-a-mole with DPS and only one active tanked ship eating cap boosters like candy.

Finally the Sleepers stopped ganking my drones, and so I heated the Falcon's blasters to crack the dude's tank, and I got him down to 10% shield before the Outguard started shooting me again. So off went the ECM's, and I finally cracked the Gila with the last of my Berserkers, Valks and Hammerhead. And the last cap 800 too!

Thats a shiny, shiny Gila.

Due to no tank and cap, I bailed. The guy came back in a covops to scoop the tractor; he did this but bailed immediately when I decloaked the Falcon, leaving the can full of 156M in loot. Which suited me fine, I would have probably lost the lot if the tractor had grabbed it.

Another Gila honorably dispatched by the dynamic due of Jigglypuff's Vagina and Shameboat III.

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