Friday, 11 December 2015


Lodestone Toyee> Yo, TF, what you doing?
Trinkets friend> Nuffin
Lodestone Toyee> *CAAAAPS*
Trinkets friend> *proceeds to batphone*
Noxisia Arkana> *proceeds to finish ratting, brings 15 duders*

spirit fingers

Trinkets friend> I'm going to log off now.
Trinkets friend> I've got a battle chubby to beat down

Not bad for 15 minutes to get a blob together and pounce onto a cap in a C5 site. We of course came to YOLO a full escalation quad, but for some reason the 2 Moros and the Thanny and Loki went back into POS, so we took what we could.

The break into competent corporation is often long and slow. By competent corporation, I mean being able to do what DSKN did, which is drop (almost) everything, get back to POS, reship from shield carebear to a reasonable if low-rent form of armour + guardians, follow the (often typed by your silent benefactor) instructions, get onto field and keep it together.

True, the fleet wasn't exactly the most brutal you could get out of 18 guys. it could have used more T3's and the T1 logi's upshipping to T2's. But not everyone is Lazerhawks or Hard Knocks level of skill, ISK, expertise and preparedness. The Celestis pilot could barely even sit in the ship, and he stole the killing blow.

The thing with all of this is to take the opportunity and run with it. There IS a skill in getting yourselves organised, on a personal and corp level.

Corp wise, you have to sort out what (if any) your doctrine(s) are. Shield kitchen sink is better than nothing, but it isn't a doctrine. Choose a HAC, make a fit that you're comfortable with, and lay the law down for your duders. Go through the gamut of ships and make some choices. Sure, there's a lot of bullshit from Nullsec with regards to this, but in a no-SRP wormhole environment and a small, inexperienced corporation, the advantage of doctrines is getting people into the mode of working as a team.

Personally, of course, part of preparation is skills. Train what you need to to get into effective ships. This can, these days, be summed up as Sentinel with MD's and TDs, sorry to say. But beyond being facetious like this, you do need armour options, shield options and EWAR options.

Secondly, you need ISK. So go make it, don't be shy.

Thirdly, you need ships. Get them into the POS (or, as outlined previously, if you're a compulsive batphonee stash them near jump clones). make sure they are fit. Ensure you clean your head of implants if you're worried about this for PVP.

Finally, of course, is to learn the ropes. DSKN is always improving, and is certainly growing, and that's due to content creation (usually a Rattlesnake) and taking fights (a lot of which they lose happily).

So, yeah, corps come and go and so do players, but if you need to build a blob, you need to have the skills, ships and willingness to get committed. Like...I went and just dropped 140M on a Pontifex because I was dreaming of kidnapping the web loki away from the dreads and knackering their blapping equations.

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  1. Thanks for the positive note for DSKN.

    If anyone reading this thinks they can't do summon the troops to drop a capital. Take a look at our killboard. A couple of my favorites:
    1. Let our POS run out of fuel (nice find wingspan).
    2. Evicted from a c5 by duralexx.
    3. Lose pve fit raven/drakes in jita under wardec.
    4. AFK mining in J-space.

    The nice thing about a bad killboard is that people will engage and underestimate you. Now that ours has greened up a bit, I've actually had people call me out in local and tell me I may as well roll out.

    We've got a long way to go, and a lot of new pilots to get comfortable leading a fleet. If you're living in wspace, you have some isk to burn, so set some shit on fire. I'm always surprised when we win a fight outnumbered or by a hair... those are the moments to play eve for.



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