Tuesday, 8 December 2015


So far, I riek. A multi-training certificate on your first Frostline site is a good welcome to the new content.

The new armour damage GFX looks epic. Will look truly epic on a big ship.

New 4,000-5,000km grids? Good for spotting that gang warping in on you. Especially battleships. Some stop bubble possibilities around POS's look fantastic.

The new probing window - finally the d-scan bubble is not red, which has improved it immeasurably. New sig markers also a major improvement. It might be verging on....usable now? We'll see.

Still, if there isn't a stuff-up like the Logistic Frigates books not being seeded, it isn't a patch.

D/Led PYFA and am going through the new line-up.

Command Dessies: 
Magus > Pontifex > Bifrost > Stork
Twin rep Magus with neutrons, dual Nos is 276(296) DPS and 254(316) DPS tank. Shield CD's are pissy by comparison, but the Bifrost is the pick due to speed and 17K buffer. Also, lel, 10MN AB / 5MN MWD dualprop.

Logistics Frigs
These are going to be tough to fit.
I think these will require a lot of finesse to fly, and the range and falloff is going to really hurt them with the way RR has gone and fucked shield. Like, at 30km you rep 50 shield/s. That's not worth bothering with.

Scalpel seems best with MSE + cap boster, aux thruster rigs and Enduring or Scoped RR's if you don't want to dump wads and wads of ISK onto Blue RR (at 40M a module, yeah no).

Thalia looks easy to fit. 10K EHP, 955m/s AB and 28 sig. 11.6+19km RR range, perfect for armour brawling T3D's or the new navy frig brawlers. So, basically a Navitas that could.

Deacon can do AB, MWD or even a 10MN AB fit quite easily.

Kirin - I've got a cap boosted fit with meta level RR's and gravi backup array for want of a better choice. Or T2 RRs with a PDU in the lows. Seems decent, but slowish at 2.6km/s.

I think the real interest will come with spider tanking the Deacon or Thalia and utilising the gun hardpoints for brawling work, with the new Navy Crucifier. Likewise, working in with CD's and the brawling Navy Frigates will be an interesting combo.

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  1. ..Still waiting to the prices on all this shit to come down. Some asshole bought all the Broadswords, so I had to retrofit a broadsword. T2 point, HIC 4 - 36km. It's god damn magic.

    Really want to play with navy frigs/d3s/AF/Logi frigs in wormholes. Just want to have my own 'little gang that could.'



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