Saturday, 5 December 2015

Shameboat III - Now IV!

Yes, all good things must come to an end. The Shameboat III is dead in glorious ball-touching blaster brawling with a hull-tanked Brutix. I left my Magnetometric jammers at home, so went in with multi's. #YOLO versus nothing.

Indeed, when the whole idea of a Falcon is to sit at 80km jamming like a fucking lame totes-homo fagboat to give "unfair" advantage, the idea of running a blaster-fit brawling Falcon is a little on the risky side. You have to rely on jamming your foe out just enough to exit stage left at the right time.

The skill in pushing the envelope of EVE with novel fits and out-of-the-box thinking is to get the target selection, fit, tactics and positioning right. It' s also about admitting you might have to lose a ship or two in the experimentation process to see if the theory works or does not.

The real issue that most solo roamers in w-space face is to find a pair of ships that you can roam with that work well together, have a form of synergy, and which you can control while dual-boxing.

The issue is of course that no two ships can do everything, but the Falcon / Stratios pairing seems to be doing fine. Especially versus Gilas, where the Falcon's job is basically just to jam the Gila's drones. Versus a Brutix,the Falcon can at best hold off its DPS until the Stratios' neuts do the job of turning off its guns. In this case, not quite achieved.

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