Sunday, 6 December 2015

Batphoning: A Practical Guide Addendum

Anonymous asks:
I play solo during the late US time zone and once in a while stumble upon a ratting carrier or a party reinforcing POCOs. I always wondered: How do I batphone? Is there a channel for this? So far all I know is the Spectre Fleet channel but maybe there is a channel for Wspace focused groups?

Ah, yes, the good old social disconnection problem with MMO's! 

There's a few options in terms of pub channels:
Hola Batmanuel - Polapse Alliance's batphone channel. I mean, OK, Prolapse is gone, but there's still people there. A fairly direct line to me and mine.

Beggars Bowl - public channel of BUGRY and the alt cloud. You're welcome to seek me out there, but it is for shitpoasting and NSFW links and recruitment (if that's happening, which it currently is not). 

Wormhole PVP Channel - yes, that's a channel
This is mostly The Last Chancers / HC Metazoa Suidae and friends. But there are friends, and a few of them, and that includes me. US prime it's pretty full, but the quality of phone calls can be a bit spotty. No such thing as SRS BSNS doctrine shit. Just PUG (pick-up group) fleets and the kitchen sink. 

Praise Bob - invite only srs bsns C5 space channel
Mostly FCs who check in with each other looking for fights. But occasionally, if you're there, you can hook up a phone.

Beyond that, it's down to personal contacts. But you'll begin to make those contacts as you get involved. 

Spectre Fleet, well LOL, they aren't so much w-space and when they do w-space it can be amusing. My Nag has fond memories of Spectrefleet. 

Bombers Bar used to be a thing. It's mostly dead, full of retards, and al the hotdropping I hear is done by Wingspan. Wingspan has a BLOPs if you can believe, and they dump bombers and Falcons on shit. Will they answer a batphone? Maybe, but not in under 30 mins and they won't commit anything serious and couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag. 

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  1. Thanks a lot for this info! Exactly what I was looking for. Let's hope I can use it soon. Late US Westcoast TZ is kind of a bitch though.


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