Saturday, 19 December 2015


So, I won't say the names, but a friend of mine (ex-member of BUGRY) has a private hauling concern wherein he drives fat lumbering freighters around and something-something nerd sweat, billions, supercap fund, etc etc.

This man is a MASSIVE Star Wars fan. Like, uncomfortably massive. Probably dressed up as jabba for the premiere so he could get his tentacles on some sexy bint dressed as Leia.

Anyway, his corporation which I shall not name, was decced by someone else. Except that the corporation name of this offending corporation was a MASSIVE fucking spoiler about the current Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. Like, so fucking massive you'd be furious.

So my mate, when he got decced, did get furious. The offender has now been banned for a month.

The EVE Devs, fallible and gullible and other things ending in 'ible' as they are, bless 'em, are also massive fans and acted appropriately.

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