Saturday, 8 November 2014

The Pillaging of Deversant K.V.N

I found my way into J142114 via a frigate hole from a C3, and I only really jumped in order to get off scan and out of local - and visibly out - because i was lurking a Relic site in the C3 for a salvage Buzzard, so I wanted to make sure he saw me leave.

I spent a good ten minutes lurking the Relic site's last can before ALT-TAB over to TF's client and did a perfunctory d-scan, because that's what you do....oh my god, 4 Retriever's, Skiff, Drake, Drake Miasmos and Tractor. In a belt.

So I hollered on comms; it has been said in a girly fashion, like an excited squee, and got the gang together...such that it was. We had five players. Well, no, it was soon enough four, because someone came back from AFK, heard it there was pew pew, and then went silent immediately. IRL, I guess.

We brought in a Heretic, my Astero, an Enyo and a Vengeance. The heretic got a warp in on top of the Retties and Skiff, and bubbled up. Soon he was drowning in drones, and the Enyo and Vengeance landed to get backup points. I kept my range, and dropped a Bouncer II from the Astero. 47 whopping DPS, yeah baby.

The cloud of drones and lack of logi forced the Heretic off three times, and the Retties started getting away one by one. So I came in and got two scrams...just as one of the pilots reshipped and warped back with a Daredevil - bad news for all of us, I was thinking. He cooked in at 4.5km/s from the MTU 100km above us, and we exchanged scrams and webs...and he promptly did no DPS to me at all and died swiftly.

The last two Retrievers on the field got out of the last bubble just as a Drake landed from a reship. So we went in and got scram, and took him to pieces. A Tengu landed at the MTU, followed by a second Drake. Then a third Drake came and landed next to the first as he was dying, so we cooked #1 and started baking #2. Merely running at the Tengu got him off field, to be replaced by a Raven.

Then the reports began coming in - Heretic, 7% armour. Enyo, 5% armour. Vengeance,, 7% armour. Astero...98% hull, and 5 cycles of the small AAR left. ordinarily not a problem versus a Raven and two crappy Drakes, but there were 15 drones following me around at a fast clip and I was twin scram and web fit. Get too close and it was all going badly. So I gave the order to pull out, and we scuttled home with no losses and 2 kills. Schweddy armpits, though.

Later that night, I came back through the chain (all EOL) and lo and behold, Drake, Drake, 2 Retrievers, Tengu. This time, my corp was asleep, mainly, and the inbound into the C3 evaporated behind me as I murdered an Anathema who was uncloaked 70km off it. So i probed my way out to the lowsec, in Vaaralen and consulted my batphone. Someone could get to Ahtila, and would bring some AFs. We chose hawks, because with enough local tank we could have kept fighting, and as we know, Hawks are boss tank. So, back we came and dropped on the Retties. Same toons, different lossmails.

We were hoping they would rage undock the Drakes and Raven against us, but alas, no. There was to be no rage undocking. So we went up to their POS, and began shooting their torpedo batteries. We didn't even need the ASB's on the Hawks to tank the guns, it was actually quite pathetic. Razumov came out in a gank Atron, presumably thinking his POS was doing it's job, and we blapped him.

Then, the magic of wormholes; we exited into Bamiette, took a couple of wormholes, and saved 28 jumps home to the new hisec exit. Winning!


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