Friday, 1 August 2014


This week's MATE roam went off with a bang. We had been promised carnage, and an unintelligible battle report of utter carnage is what we got.

To interpret that, you have to know that Bam Stroker #YOLO his Chimera at the sun in Tama. The MATE roam, consisting of a drawer full of cutlery warped to zero and the fleet got disbanded.

Some clown from Sudden Buggery and some other clown from Sudden Buggery in his alt, did pack a cyno onto a Prophecy - of course - and #YOLO in a Moros. Which surprised the hell out of everyone except 2 people. Then the smartbomb rack on the Prophecy went off and the murdering began.

Top belt in Tama had been confirmed as a bad place to hotdrop a Moros, so Bex knew the risks, but I nearly got him out save for a cyno cycle ending just before s siege sycle, some stront issues, and a fuckup in stabbing F2 instead of F1.

Alas, eventually someone in Snuff Box had got their cats herded and dropped in a gang of Absolutions and Guardians. At zero. Because they are that pro. If more of us had been alive, we'd have bagged the Guardians and done a lot better at it. But that's not what THUNDERDOME is all about. Instead, someone let their Absoluton come to a stop 3km from the Moros and it got blapped.

The MATE roam is an AU TZ public roam organised via Redemption Road which Andiedeath and I co-FC every Friday, leaving from Stacmon just after downtime. All are welcome, either to participate or bring an opposing force, hotdrop us or donate prizes.

Thanks to Bam Stroker from NC for the Chimera, sorry the Moros blapped you so fast.

Thanks to Apex Bex. Any donations of ISK toward the uninsured portion of his Moros would be appreciated, cause that was a great hour's entertainment for many a person, and you never know, it might happen again.

And thanks to Snuff Box for #YOLO at zero. Wish we'd have actually been throwing a tarp on your Absolution gang, muy bueno.

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