Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Prosecuting War - Preparing the Ground

No, this won't be a discussion of our war from Pursuit of Happiness - child rapists, according to commentary on evewho.com. Though, that's a worthy discussion in and of itself.

The doubling of statics in C4's has shaken the apples from the orchard and then upset the apple cart. Hue hue hue. I am having fun letting C4 neckbeards expose themselves as horrible carebears. But the argument about safe ratting vs PVP game is for another day.

Suffice to say, we are looking for a C4 (pref. Wolf Rayet) with an N766 static or X877, in the hope it spawns one of the other, or at worst a C247 to C3. Ideally, a W-R with X877/N766 pair is the shit. Short of going onto SiSi and getting into one and noting down the J# we need to hedge our bets by seeding alts into likely holes that meet that criterion.

Contrary to the forum Q.Q, we did find a C4 W-R with X877, a likely candidate for our ideal hole. LadyTsunade even discovered a 10 man corp moving in to it, and seeded an alt whilst interdicting their POS setup logistics (Bestower with 20 medium laser batteries and stront).

So we are faced with a little dilemma, and a strategic set off choices, to prepare the hole for an invasion even as much as two weeks in advance.

Step one is obviously to frustrate these guys in their attempts to finish off their deathstar, as much as possible. We've added them to watch list, we have alts inside, and there's a very good likelihood of an Orca kill or at least more Bestower kills as they attempt to top up the strontium and get EWAR and dissy's (and ammo) into their POS. Long-term this may not be achievable, but we also aren't sure it will spawn a second static that we want.

In concert with that, I spent an hour yesterday probing down every one of the 45 gas sites in that hole and warping to it to begin their timers. Same with the 6 combat anomalies. The aim of this is twofold. Most importantly, you don't want 45 signatures to scan down and refresh each downtime, or when you want to find your way from the hole. This obviously works both ways because the foe also gets a break on finding an exit. 

Primarily, though, I just started a 72 hour timer on about 1.5 billion in gas and 1.5 billion in combat, data and relic sites. These are going to disappear, and the residents are going to be sitting there in an increasingly barren wormhole, wondering where is the money? Their POS is going to cost them 350M to run over the course of the next two weeks before we know if we want to move in, and I sure as fuck am not going to let them recoup that in site running.

Third step will be to contact the POCO owners and see about them jacking the taxes to 100% and have them come out in our prime time. This forces the foe to siege them out, which gives us an opportunity to pod out the residents. Or at least make them spend hours on flipping the damn things and finish them off when we can get in there and interdict the effort.

Finally, if after the 26th the wormhole looks like a candidate to move in to, the ten man corp which is moving in there this week will be sick of the whole thing and will either capitulate, or be unable to defend itself adequately.

If the hole proves useless to us, maybe after two weeks of softening up and scorched earth, we'll just siege them for the hell of it.


  1. You better hope its not in constellation 156 or 174. They will have a c1 as second static ;)

    1. Nope, it was in the right constellation and has C2/C4 statics.


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