Tuesday, 26 August 2014


I really do think CCP Fozzie is the biggest suppurating cunthole of a GM to ever get inflicted on EVE Online. I can say that here because the ISD in their clubfooted, jackbooted way won't step in and quash discussion or lock this thread.

Very little of what Fozzie does even closely approaches what I would consider logical in terms of rebalance or adding decent content. We have adjusted to EVE being Ishtars Online, and now we have to adjust to the way wormholes have been rejiggered...by which I mean had the crooked cock of Fozzie shoved so far up their arses they cough sperm.

Frigate wormholes
Not only are these useless and pointless because you could already take frigates through every other fucking wormhole in EVE that has existed since Apocrypha, they are everywhere. I mean, everywhere. An allied corp lives in a C2 with B274/Z647 and pre-hyperion they had 3 wormholes a day on average. First day after Hyperion? 7 wormholes, 4 of which are frigate only wormholes. Other reports from at least another 4 separate corporations/individuals report the same issues.

I mean, we were told by Fozzie the fuckhead that we would get them. I don't know why we did, but we did. No one asked for them. We certainly didn't ask for a minimum of 2 of them per motherfucking wormhole system, and Bob alone knows how many others exist between k-space and j-space.

We were told we'd get more transient wormholes, too. I thought this was a good thing. I mean, I was thinking "Ok, we get on average a transient every 3-4 days in our wormhole. If they double it, I can live with that. It means more connectivity, to and from k-space, and between j-space."

What we got, unasked for, was a rat-warren of fucking frigate sized wormholes everywhere, to everywhere, all at once.

The second problem, a problem I overlooked because i hardly gave these things any attention, is their K162 side is the same as any other K162. This means that, for instance, if you approach a k162 in lets say a 2 billion ISK Tengu you only know it's a frigate sized wormhole when you go to jump through, and can't, and then 30 guys in AFs pile through and you are toast.

Then of course, the frigate wormholes have a 5M kg jumpable mass limit, which is a propless Destroyer or a double-bubble HICtor or lower. They also appear capable of taking up to 100 frigates one way, or 50 round trip. Which hardly deals with swarm tactics, but certainly enables the katamari-like growth of bigger and bigger entities and disincentivises smaller entities from w-space. 

Their mass regeneration is also a problem, because they become effectively immune to closure. This has severe ramifications for farmers and siegers.

Jump distance
This came out not as severe as intended, but it also seems it maybe got discarded. Everything, including pods, seems capable of landing up to 9km off the wormhole. Orcas 13km+. But...where's the difference in mass when pods can jump through and end up at 80% of the distance an Orca can achieve? it's a weird goddamn bell curve to fit to mass vs jump distance on that front.

Possibly, and I think this is what happened, Fozzie McFuckbat stuck his hand up his own arse and decided he would just stop everything spawning within jump range, and put everything on the same spawn table. just further out.

Good work, asshole. Really shaking shit up here.

Sure, there's positives and negatives to all of this.

  1. More transients gives more chances for interaction
  2. Frigate sized wormholes give additional opportunities for emergent gameplay
  3. This shakes up the standard doctrines and status quo
  4. Uncloseable wormholes discourage farmville neckbearding
  5. Greater spawn range for everything results in greater risk, aka PVP
  1. Two frigate wormholes per wormhole results in a mindfuck situation where you never get any control over your own wormhole
  2. Transients are drowning out everything when every system has 4 to 7 wormholes in it. When half of them are frigate sized, you have a problem. 
  3. Why even have fucking statics, because you can get anywhere any time via a frigate hole. just bring 30 friends!
  4. Rage rolling is laborious and more risky. But why bother rolling your static, you've got 2 frigate wormholes up your arse. 
  5. Farming is now ridiculously risky if you become vulnerable to frigates
  6. You are mad to go exploring in a cloaky T3 in case you run into a K162 and can't jump through


  1. ive been averaging 4-7 wormholes per system. some systems i jump into have on average 12-17 sigs. the verdict is still out on these 'improvements' they've made. cut the number of wormholes spawning by half and you would have a decent setup for the game.

  2. Agree. This is OTT. You have more connectivity in wormhole space than out. That's wrong.


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