Friday, 29 August 2014


Every POS in w-space has a weakness. Every single one. The skill comes in finding it, exploiting it, and getting it knocked out safely and efficiently. Efficiency here relates as much to the time sink as it does anything else, because lets face it, POS bashes in wormhole space are super-quality gaming.

Sudden Buggery and Swift Angels have decided to live in a C4. We staked a few out as soon as we heard there were going to be twin statics. our dream hole, our unicorn, our Eleanor was a C4 Wolf-Rayet with C2 and C4 statics. I describe this static pairing as the Mullet Hole; Business out the Front, Party Out The back.We staked out a C4 W-R with existing X877, and a effect-less C4 with N766. The latter dropped an additional X877 static, and had better PI than the former which ended up being X877/C247. So we chose the effectless hole.

It is currently occupied by a 19 man corp, 10 of which are mining alts less than a month old, who we sent to hisec en masse a day before we kicked off our assault. They live in a Sansha Large POS with a boatload of hardeners and a boatload of guns and ECMs, but only one scram.

Faced with a POS like this, your options narrow down in a direct assault, and eventually you have to drop Ravens at 200km, these days with the odd Golem for un-jammableness. Either that or bring 30 dudes, which we can struggle to get unless the stars, wives and girlfriends all line up.

We all dusted off our Ravens, many like mine having moldered under a spare offcut of cat-pee stained carpet in a station ever since T3's came out and people stopped flying Drakes (which used to get vaped by gank Torp Ravens). Now we had a reason, we refit them to shoot the grid (more or less) and we would use a bit of poor planning on behalf of our foes (who left a whole side off their POS undefended) to sit outside dissy range and park logi 70km behind us, utterly impregnable, and t would be golden.

We even scored a lucky connection via the N766, direct to Rens, on go night. We went shopping in pure luxury, got a dozen Ravens and a half dozen logi in, set up our POSs, began repping up our POS shields ahead of any possible counterattack late at night while we slumbered, and we were set to reconvene immediately after downtime. I even wrangled it with the wife, stocking up QT's all week beforehand and we alll gave up on the weekly MATE roam out of Stacmon. We organised a guest FC for the roam and everything. Every goddamn box was ticked, from warp bubbles to faction cruise missiles x 100K. Everything to the minute detail.

With a projected 20-24 toons on grid, the POS's ECM would be diluted. We had 4 Golems ready to go, capable of tanking the entire DPS of the POS each, immune to the ECm, ready to blap shit. It was actually exciting, seeing a whole heap of people come together for a common purpose.

We should have done a fucking promo video, for Christ's sakes.

Then, as per the week before, the EVE cluster got a DDOS attack right after downtime and the US and Australia couldn't connect.

Surprise gone, siege impossible, 75% of the fleet unable to even get the launcher to fly. The stars, wives and girlfriends alignment, all the arrangements of favours and babysitting, promises to go out Saturday, back rub debts, all for nought.

What a pisser.

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