Thursday, 3 September 2015

In other news

We did the special quinella today. I found one POs 2 minutes from being online, and killed an SMA.

Half an hour later, while camping a bubble spot off another POS and trying to gank a guy whi'd just run out to lowsec in a Viator, the POS turned off and Leon says, incredulously, "This POs just turned off. Like, right now, in front of my eyes, the fuel ran out."

So we shot it. We made off with 300M loot, maybe 500M.

Combined with the POs from a few days ago, a nice billion ISK warchest for the corp.

Seems that when you get 3 POSs in 3 days, you can see how well this game is holding the attention of its players. We shall be rage rolling. A lot.

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