Sunday, 13 September 2015

TBGRL 2014-2015 RIP

Well, for a completionist "i did a thing" having an Alliance was a 6 week training queue effort, a billion ISK and a year's worth of annoyance. But it's over and everyone can now not have to look at the TBGRL ticker and think "is that what I think it says?"

Not a bad effort, really.

3,293 kills, for 506 billion
1,140 losses for 114 billion

Peak was 278 toons, I think, which made us one of the top 15 wormhole alliances for a little while, until general malaise and idiocies began to cause casualties. Mostly this was caused by having standards like, not losing 5.8 billion ISK freighters on the day you join a corporation when you drive it into Burn Amarr while being told on comms not to do that exact one thing. When your CEO doesn't cull you, you get your corp culled.

Or there's the multiple Raven Navy Issue fetishists.

Other standards upheld to the detriment of raw numbers were activity level minimums. Most of the guys trimmed would come back, only to go AFK almost instantly again anyway, so eventually I stopped re-upping them and there you have it.

I guess, being honest, alliances in wormhole space are basically vanity plates anyway. You might be able to collectivise alt corporations under one banner but this is essentially meaningless anyway. Working out of multiple wormholes means a lack of any real cohesion. Working from one (this side of alliance BM's) means raw, lemon-in-cock-wound pain for multiple corps. So you are fucked either way, or maintain the vanity plate for vanity's sakes, which isn't really the main game here.

Also, being honest, I have enough of a headache giving a shit about recruiting for one corp and organising one corp, so I found it pointless and painful to bother with several. That might be my winning personality and all. It might not be my best strength.

But either way, better to wrap a bow around it than let it moulder and rot.

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