Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Predator vs Prey

The American Experiment is over; I booted the last American corp from the Alliance, which means there isn't really much left of Prolapse. besides Sudden Buggery. Not much of a disaster, really.

I think that perhaps I was a bit misguided thinking carebear leopards might change their spots. Bringing on board a corp with a 50% killboard efficiency under the proviso that they want to PVP and will relearn how to play their game, and relearn or take up an entirely different way of thinking about how to go about wormholes, was possibly a bit of a stretch.

They don't know how to think like a hunter (evidence is abundant), and didn't get involved in any way, shape or form (few exceptions) and continue to carebear at the expense of not only hideously embarrassing 2 billion ISK Raven Navy Issues and other assorted blinged-out carebear chariot losses, but they don't have the mindset to really work well as a team.

This is what really shits me. If i am going to kick Getchyo Asswooped for ignoring the golden mantra, then I have to apply the same standards to whole corporations. Losing ships is what happens in EVE, but not only is losing a 2 billion ISK ship every two weeks stupid, it basically says you have been carebearing for two weeks solid ONLY to afford to replace your ship. Or maybe buying PLEX.

Then, to lose it within minutes of someone else being ganked in a DST because you weren't on comms, didn't check if it was safe, and had been told not a minute before, to get out of your ship and not warp to the hole? Yeah, that's just plain retarded and disrespectful and shows that you aren't playing a corporate game, but basically just leveraging a corp and alliance of PVPers and smart, hard-working players to enable your basically solo quest to carebear and afford the blinged toys.

That's not what I consider sustainable. Either way, I'd rather be the one relieving you of your 2 billion ISK Raven Navy Issue versus having you shitting up the alliance killboard pointlessly every 2 weeks, or more regularly.

So, where to from here?

Well, who knows? Might be time to shake things up a bit.

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