Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Bleh legion

So, BL has decided to exit the tepidly unexciting game of Fozziesov.

Or maybe they are just having an emokid shitting in their own weeties session.

Who knows?

But the result is that, as predicted earlier, there will be a lot of capitals and supers moving into lowsec in the near future. This is a logical and rational response to, as pointed out by the first BL propagandik post, there being no point having them in nullsec at all when any fucktard in an interceptor or Scythe Fleet issue can wave a wand / flashlight / sov-kerjigger at any structure and spawn ten command nodes.

As also pointed out earlier (if it seems like I'm repeating myself about the structural problems of Fozziesov, I am) the devolution of sovereignty warfare to boredom warfare between valueless alts orbiting valueless buttons for set lengths of time seems like Faction Warfare mechanics - it is. Except unlike FW, the rewards are not measurable in Loyalty Points, but are tangential and intangible meta-rewards like "i have somewhere to run my Forsaken Hubs for hours and hours on end".

Essentially, it's hard to motivate a PVPer to defend sov against frigates and troll ceptors, and even harder to motivate a renter to do the same, because renters gonna rent. The flag planted atop the flagpole socket that is their upturned rectum is irrelevant - they are still getting rectally shaftedand when you are a subservient peon snuffling dick crumbs shed from the phalluses of your rental overlords, it doesn't matter which sneering face you obsequiously grovel beneath. Therefore, to renters, sov can wash past them and they become a commidity traded by those with the most entosis alts and the most alternative screens upon which to run PLEX-supported alt accounts to win a war of alts.

This, surely, is an improvement on the pre-Aegis sov DPS-vs-EHP mechanism, you say. Indeed it must be, for subs beget subs and the wealthy elites of the game maintain their empires by warring over cock-target shitheel renters. It's just reinventing the way rental empires are herded and corralled, not reinvigorating warfare in nullsec.

Meanwhile, the people who play this game for exciting gudfites pile into lowsec, squeezing ever-more dreads into a limited range of useful space, the good territory dictated by the "fingernails peeled and dipped in lemonjuice" pain index which is Phoebe jump fatigue AKA Space AIDS and jump fatigue.

The upshot of this is obviously that we will begin to see more complaints about jump fatigue. The game will ever more become centred around hotdropping and BLOPsing (see Elo Knight's laughable plan for Blockade Runner BLOPs and dogpiling every fucker and shitheel pirate in lowsec. As this pressure-cooker lowsec Mad max death trip heats up the limits of fatigue will begin to bite. i give it 3 weeks before the nascent fatigue thread on Features and Ideas begins to get flooded with posts along the likes of "it is teh_gh3y" and "omg fuck you Fozzie".

Meanhile, in nullsec, with BL out or rolled ever-tighter into PL (which doesn't do Fozziesov) and Goons who apparently do (but really don't; Provi hasn't fallen and only R3-K7K is vulnerable right now) , there's precious little real Fozziesov actually going on.

I mean, if Imperium hasn't even taken ONE system out of Provi inside a week, you have to ask whether this is good, bad or, most likely, very badly indifferent. Clearly Goons don't care to take sov, or literally cannot take sov, under Fozziesov. It's hard to believe that a week-long invasion hasn't yielded any results beyond a few thousand kills, mostly third partying by various vulturous entities including PL and BL and so on ad nauseum. If all the third partying was left out, there would be probabl nothing much to report - some dudes blew their weekend achieving nothing and their enemies blew their weekend ensuring that nothing happened, oh and a few ships died. Mostly ceptors.

I'm looking forward to BL's move to lowsec. We might finally see another Asakai or B-R5RB come up once someone drops the hammer and every other tool in the shed dogpiles in. it's looking like it'll be something close to Gallente space.

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