Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Black Hole Phoenix

Fun times were had by all.

Firstly, we are building out a bunch of Phoenixes in our C4 black hole. No secrets, we has dreads.

I dropped mine on a Rattler the other day and his alt in a Proteus. The Rattler and Prot had found their way into us via a K162 from C4 and we deployed a bait rolling Raven (which died). But we got tackle and held the Rattler on field long enough for my Phoenix to land and two-shot the poor fucker.

Then the Proteus orbited the wormhole, clearly thinking he was immune to the Phoenix. One TP later and I one shot him.

The Phoenix is also a great money-maker. It can solo all the C4 sites, top to bottom, frigs included. You can one-shot the BS using a hyena for webs and TP's, one-shot cruisers with webs on them, and two shot frigs without webs (once they slow into orbit). 300M ISK/hr achievable, easily. maybe more, if we can get our webbing tactics down and coordinate the Phoenix targeting the ships that get  webbed.

Honestly, I think the Phoenix is the pre-eminent blap dread as long as you go for Citadel Cruise. Even in k-space, it should reign supreme if you can deploy and keep up decent webbing and TP support (bear in mind that webs are super-important in the Black Hole due to the speed buff).

For instance, 4 Phoenix with a nano gang support of linked Huginns / Basilisks would be able to blap basically any DPS ship in k-space without the BH effect. The maths stack up, it's just a fucking fact. All you need is to be able to find the right enemy fleet comp, drop your cyno at the right spot, and not face too many opposing dreads, and you'd be golden.

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