Monday, 22 June 2015

Transcendental retardation

Join prolapse. they said.

Get wormhole PVP they said.

Become part of a barely not even "elite" wormhole alliance, become one of the brotherhood, enjoy gaming with other tragic space nerds in as stress-free and dramafree environment as you can, away from the crazy doctrines and ego-defeating giant blobs of nullsec, in an environment where individual pilot skills and dedication can shine through, where ever member of the gang is vital and every member pulls their weight.

Get told it's Burn Amarr.

Get told not to fly your freighter to Amarr.

Do it anyway.

Predictable results.

Get called a retarded shitcunt and you can fuck off out of alliance.

I mean...standards have to be upheld, and no one shall ever put up with a guy joining alliance and dunking a 4.8 billion ISK spaceship within hours of doing so.

You see...that is something even semi-competent industrialists don't do.
#1, it had more than a billion ISK worth of shit in a cargo-expanded un-tanked Providence. You don't even do that on a normal day, as it's a goddamn suicide gank risk on a normal day.
#2 - It's Burn Amarr. Few people join actual wormhole PVP alliances to PVP when they don't have a fucking clue about larger meta-game events like this. It's not been going for 4 days or nothin' either.
#3 - He was told on comms not to do it and did it anyway.

So, that's how you dunk the biggest fucking loss on the alliance killboard. It's also how you run up against standard of conduct. In my book, this is one: do not fucking lose freighters. Full stop.

if you can afford to blow that much shit in a freighter being a fucking shitcunt retard it should be done on an alt. Which is to say, an anonymous shitlord toon you can deny owning.

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