Sunday, 7 June 2015

Pilfercats Strike Again

There is nothing more frustrating in EVE, and a worse time sink, than anchoring and onlining a large POS with 40 EWAR batteries, 30 guns and internal gumf. That is a good three to four hours work.

Unanchoring goes a lot faster, thankfully. However the process if fraught with danger, as the lads at YOLO factor found out yesterday when they were trying to jack down their large Caldari tower. It had about the above amount of gear on it when we found it, and it was all offlined besides 2 small artillery batteries. There was a lone SMA and a lone CHA.

We didn't think much of this discovery until, whilst passing through to buy catalyst silo's for my new project (more on that in a later post), I noticed 4 Iterons on d-scan. So I went to check the situation and discovered two of the Iterons outside of the POS unanchoring and scooping the guns. Well, mostly unanchoring.

Initially I just deployed the Pilfercat and started stealing the guns as they unanchored them. They didn't seem to notice a Prowler popping up on grid 10km from them for a few seconds at a time as, like a thieving little piranha, I stole 6 small beams in a drive-by fashion. Mostly full, and with the enemies clearly oblivious to everything, I dropped the prowler at POS and came back in the 10MN Worm, murdering two of the Iterons.

We then went about our normal business for a good 5 hours, until passing through to go buy a whole new large Blood tower for myself from Jita (ironically with a similar fit to theirs, cheers for the guns), I noticed more Iterons on scan. They had successfully scooped the remainder of the guns and were working on their last cluster of EWAR. I murdered two more Iterons and we stole another 12 EWAR batteries.

06:21 Trinkets friend> Thanks for the guns, guys!
06:21 Vulkan Vuld> fuck you


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