Thursday, 25 June 2015

Marauding Russians

I am happy to batphone when I need more warm bodies to take a fight - not to blob the shit out of sme poor shmuck. I am also happy to respond to batphones in the same way. However, there's always a risk you will be given bad information, by bad people, and get into a bad situation.

Sometimes, though, you do feel a little like the fall guy.

To my mind, the least courtesy you can show when people turn up to help defend your wormhole from marauding Russians (literally 5 Marauders) is to put in a decent and put your own ships on the line.

What we had last night was the second night of batphones from Balcora Gatekeepers alliance (basically, Astral Inferno and scrubby friends of theirs) being extorted/evicted from their C4 Pulsar by Dura Lexx. Dura Lexx had a smallish fleet (10-14) centred around a core of 5-6 very blinged Marauders. They had RFed a medium POS, and the timer came out quite late in our timezone, and early RUs Hour timezone - so a good time for Russians, not so good for US-AU people.

Nevertheless, we formed a fleet around LSE Svipuls, bosting Tengu and 4 Scimitars. The theory was, based on intel recieved from Balcora, and the previous night's fight, they would drop the Marauders, which had ASB's. A Marauder in bastion is a closed system - beyond Nos energy, no tank comes in and you have what yu've got, which is obviously a lot. But it's a finite pool of cap boosters, at a finite rate of tanking, for a finite pool of hitpoints. So you just burn through it, and hence, the key is essentially to remain alive long enough.

So we rolled 10 Svipuls, 4 Scimi's, a Worm, 2 Curses. Balcora agreed to drop some DPS and logi n field too and had 10 guys in fleet, and promises of a Bastion bomber wing coming in the Q003 they had opened into Bastion space.

The problem wasn't that Dura Lexx had a surprise log-in group of Osprey and Basilisk (again, irrelevant to a bastioned marauder), it was that our supposed allies in this fight didn't drop nto grid wih anything serious. Like, one bomber, ne cane and one Falcon - because ECM works n marauders so well.

I got the distinct impression that they were fuckheads, and/or this was an elaborate trap (after all the Russians were rolling RLML Tengus, suspiciously), or we were just supposed to deal with their problems without them getting their hands dirty.

Regardless, I didn't see a concerted input from Balcora. If they had put ten DPS ships on field - decent ones, with decent tank, not paper thin useless bombers and ECM bats which just die like flies to Marauders - the Vargur would have died, and if you can crack the Vargur you can easily crack the Golems. Instead, we lost a few Svipuls, a Curse, and our logi.

I tell you this, dear readers, because two things are clear: Balcora Gatekeepers cannot be trusted to pull their weight, and Balcora Gatekeepers cannot defend themselves. Do with those facts what you will.


  1. I appreciate the mudslinging, but Balcora was:
    a) Not permitted into comms with the fleet as per you
    b) Not given any time to swap ships before the defense fleet came despite requests
    c) We said the fleet comp was 6 marauders they dropped aggressively, 3-4 basi, a small handfull of t3 support, a few dictors, vindi 1-2 and possibly more.
    I don't understand how this goes to you saying before entering 'we're yoloing this fleet' before our FC was ready and this being our fault when you were running a fleet in the opposite timezone from our prime time.

    I said The Bastion had bombers coming for later and as in the process of organizing them, they did not even have time to fleet up, and we didnt' even get a chance to get a ping out to our alliance that there was going to be a fleet at that hour.

    We were not told when the op was planned for yet we showed. We had pilots busy repping a pos with ships on hand to swap, and were only told through a single line in chat to warp in without sufficient warning to change.

    I already apologized to you. I already tried to extend SHIP REPLACEMENT to you, but you are throwing mud now? I tried to get everyone in comms but BOTH TIMES you came, we were barred from your comms. Neither fleet went well, and we were not able to work together with your fleet due to restrictions you placed on us. Being set up for failure is not our sole responsibility.

    1. Excuse me? Not permitted onto comms? it was put in the fleet MOTD you fucking muppet. I linked the comms details, and none of you bothered signing on besides mauger, who was bringing your load of stront because you can't plan ahead.

      Also, if you want to replace the ships, go ahead. look up Zkill, it's a nice 1.6 billion I believe, but your mail said nothing about that, it was just an apology of sorts.

      And, finally, if you weren't told when the op was planned for, you're a fucking imbecile mate. it's a POS coming out of should be abundantly clear when the operation is - it's more or less around the time of the timer.

      So yeah, bring Falcons to shoot marauders because that's going to help. Don't follow primaries, because that's going to help when we have their FC in the Vargur in half armour.

      Nothing you've said absolves you of anything, it's just pathetic whining. You burned your batphone here. Just to reiterate - you throw everything at it if people put the time and effort to come bail you out because you're useless. 10 gank brutixes and you could just blaze through a marauder at a time. Costs you 850M, costs PoVar 2 billion. Do the maths, dickhead.

      [ 2015.06.25 12:17:25 ] EVE System : Channel MOTD: COMMS:
      pw = ******
      Blues: Clever Use of Neutral Toons Balcora Gatekeepers Prolapse. Haywire. The Thirteen Provinces
      Desto: Eifer
      Refuge POS P5 M1
      Pw: DaedalusPulsar

      [ 2015.06.25 12:35:06 ] Trinkets friend : when we are engaged I will XXX up
      [ 2015.06.25 12:35:59 ] Trinkets friend : jumping to C3
      [ 2015.06.25 12:37:13 ] Trinkets friend : shit, we have wrong hole
      [ 2015.06.25 12:37:21 ] Trinkets friend : do you have an alt in the C3 on the entry?
      [ 2015.06.25 12:37:26 ] Trinkets friend : or is this your C5?
      [ 2015.06.25 12:37:54 ] Trinkets friend : HELLO
      [ 2015.06.25 12:38:05 ] ShadowfireWraith : no
      [ 2015.06.25 12:38:07 ] ShadowfireWraith : J121006
      [ 2015.06.25 12:38:10 ] ShadowfireWraith : C4
      [ 2015.06.25 12:38:18 ] ShadowfireWraith : i can warp over
      [ 2015.06.25 12:38:21 ] Trinkets friend : can you get an alt into J230722 so we can warp to it
      [ 2015.06.25 12:38:28 ] ShadowfireWraith : omw
      [ 2015.06.25 12:38:38 ] Trinkets friend : cool
      [ 2015.06.25 12:39:00 ] ShadowfireWraith : xxx J230722
      [ 2015.06.25 12:39:33 ] Trinkets friend : cheers
      [ 2015.06.25 12:39:35 ] Trinkets friend : in warp
      [ 2015.06.25 12:40:40 ] ShadowfireWraith : vargur nighthawk, golem, vindi,
      [ 2015.06.25 12:40:43 ] ShadowfireWraith : tengu
      [ 2015.06.25 12:42:11 ] Trinkets friend : XXX
      [ 2015.06.25 12:42:14 ] Trinkets friend : come in
      [ 2015.06.25 12:42:16 ] Trinkets friend : asap
      [ 2015.06.25 12:42:42 ] shadowfiredemon : wawrp to hole guys
      [ 2015.06.25 12:43:38 ] Trinkets friend : DPS vargur


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