Monday, 22 June 2015

Bewitching DPS

RIP Enyo doctrine

1650 DPS in C4 Wolf-Rayets. About 2K in C6's / C13's. You can pull 900 with 125mm rails.

Tank is OK. OK enough for Augoror + Hecate ratting gangs.

The hurfing and blurfing on the forums is centred around the obsolescence of assault frigates. Realistically, our Enyo + Execquror gangs are now basically cactused by the T3D's, which bring better flexibility and EWAR capabilities.

There's also a lot of cocern about the raw DPS. In nullsec and in non-FW lowsec it won't be so bad, due to 800 DPS being at ball-touching ranges. In wormholes where you can drop a gank gang at zero (or close enough to zero) on an enemy with surprise, however, it's going to be the choice du jour for ganking. It will also obviously be a great way of squatting FW complexes like a toad, although you probably will run away from Vexors in mediums due to the neuting and drones and your larger sig radius.

Is it balanced? Well, that depends if you are talking Svipul-ishtar balanced or osprey navy-Jackdaw balanced. I guess time will tell, but my instinct is to say....broadly, yes. Niche gank ship.

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