Sunday, 28 June 2015

A Game of Sieges

This weekend seems to have been one of evictions, or at leastextortions. In the end it seems Dura Lexx hasn't evicted Balcora; they were just in it to get a fight, which is fine. None of this forces me to resile from the previous position that it's terrible manners to invite people along and then leave them strung out to die and not bring a serious effort. Either way, PoVar got a slew of kills, knocked over a POS and is no doubt off to terrorise another bunch of hapless morons.

The second siege is still ongoing - Arctic Light and their bizarre friends in Nosferatu Security Foundation versus Mind Collapse / Maythorn / POS Party / friends who are defending Mind Collapse's C4 pulsar.

This one seems a bit more SRS BSNS; Arctic Light brought, I am told, 16-20 Rattlesnakes and 8 Basilisks (plus unknown support, but presumably some Huginns or Rapiers). nosferatu came later, and probably isn't bringing much to any PVP situation. After all, they only ever shoot relic hunters (rarely) or incapped POSs. I'd hate to actually look them up on a KB and see them shooting ships - it would mean they got out of their POS forcefield.

We got an invite to attend some timers last night AU TZ to defend Mind Collapse's weakest couple of RF'ed towers. It ran into a dinner date I had planned, and some nights herding BUGRY is like herding very pouty POSsiege averse cats. Plus, we had done our siege for the weekend, and done our Pulsar suicide YOLO for the weekend, and in the end it seemed like the timer went uncontested anyway because it was boiling down to 15+ per side Rattlers + Machariels + Scorpion navy Issues (whut) + 10+ Basilisks a side + trash. We weren't needed for that mexican standoff aside from time zone suitability.

But back to our siege. One of my guys ran a PI hole for himself on an alt; C2 with Z647/B27, decent planets no effects. He caught the Dick Virus infection a few months ago and has been murdering explorers, sometimes at the rate of 5 a day, ever since. Eventually his thinking got around to how cool it would be for him to live in a C3 Red Giant, but he needed to find one with a highsec static (to better lure in itinerant explorers) and decent PI.

We found one last week, and inserted an alt. The POS was decently, if oddly, defended. Six neuts online sort of says "here be dragons" anti-capital POS. It also kind of nobbles the defences for other purposes. Either way, with low numbers in any timezone now I expelled non-performing corporations from the Alliance - not that they ever did anything with the alliance anyway - we had to fall back to cruise Ravens and our sekrit Trashcat doctrine, and thus we warped in at 230km and prepared to spend hours spider tanking while tossing missiles down range.

Luckily, it seems the locals fucked up the aggression settings, so it never shot back.We RFed the stick (no hardeners, cheers) and swapped to oracles, nibbling away at the online guns over the next 36 hours before the guy signed in and started evaccing assets. Even early a.m., we started interdicting the holes (a bit late possibly) and set about making his gun repping efforts dicey.

When I signed in, he convoed me, and we got him on our comms. Thankfully decency and commonsense prevailed on both sides, and within short order half the POCOs and half the capitals in system were transferred over and a couple of hours of beating up on the POS were avoided.

So we will see what happens in Mind Collapse's C4, but I honestly think it's got so escalated and ridiculous that a diplomatic solution might be on the horizon. But that depends on who has the ego and boredom to pursue further cycles of sieging and repping, and whether or not Arctic Light and their bitchboy POS bash enthusiast backup really want the hole, or just want a fight.

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