Saturday, 25 April 2015

Never get involved in a land war in J160739...

I am unsure how we gained a reputation for being good at POS bashes. The last two were hardly our doing - we just mopped up the crippled sticks after someone else began eviction proceedings. Prior to that it's been months and months. Except for farming a faction stick for 380M in faction guns.

So, OK, we don't suck, and we have our secret weapon.

A friend of friends contacted me with a proposition - help bail out their eviction attempt on some Goon allies, for 5 billion ISK. My contact was in The Bastards (alliance), who were involved with Illusion of Solitude (the alliance) evicting Illusion of Solitude. (a corp - note the dot) of Praetorian Directorate, from a C3 Pulsar. The initial push didn't go well - the defenders dropped 7 Rattlesnakes and assorted crap on a bunch of Ishtars, cleaning up 2.8B in kills. Hence the batphone.

I didn't say no, but my contact was pretty much fucking useless. Details were incredibly sketchy, there wasn't any intel given, teeth needed to be pulled to get an entrance, and worst of all he was UK TZ and thought we would turn up at 0300 local time to have a fight. He also had no idea, or didn't give any clues, as to the shitstorm he and his friends had unleashed on themselves.

So I found my way in, logged for the night, and got up. I had two options - attend an ANZAC Day public roam at 0700 local, or take a roam out with Prolapse. at the same time and get into the target wormhole. When I logged in 30 minutes late, our alliance was hardly numerous - 8 toons and 5 meatbods, plus 5 toons from another alliance who were interested in batphone, but were wet behind the ears.

I opted to get the guys into the ANZAC Day roam, and left Miskranda monitoring developments in the C3 Pulsar. Soon it became clear that the situation was wildly different than the limited information given to me. There were 6 corps present, judging by the smacktalk in the wormhole local. The defenders had at least 14 online, so we were outnumbered right there, and the contact was asleep (it being midnight in he UK). So nothing was going to happen, and I needed a voice chat before I was going to YOLO over there in any fashion with masses of unknown people shitting up the wormhole.

It proved to be a wise move.

The defenders dropped a Phoenix on the aggressor's medium POS, so I sounded out a few people about maybe joining the batphone. Then Sleeper Social Club turned up with about 15-20 toons, Ishtars, Gilas, Huginns, Scimis, etc. and as I jumped out the highsec to find a destination system, in jumped about 30 or so Goon Ishtars, Scimis, Huginns, etcetera.

The batphone was called off, and I warped off.

Xrend called it cowardice, but from my perspective there's no point whatsoever in helping out people who can't even get you the right intel. I'm not jumping in blind into a situation like tha. It's not by concern if illusion of Solitude (alliance) is pissy that some guys are trying to bleed recruits off them for wormhole space by naming a corp illusion of Solitude(dot).

Sixty to eighty toons is too much to YOLO into with anything, blind. I also find it ironic that you're a coward for not fighting with one toon in the target system. If you want a fight, maybe not to be dropping shit onto grid before you see if anyone's actually there?


  1. Nice read, good to get the enemy POV. Just a few things, first of we are no goon affiliates. We have Repercussus on our payroll, thats all.
    And you can believe me things did absolutely not go the way we wanted them to go. sure we won but thats not the issue.
    We did respect your friends at first for engaging our first fleet but I also warned them not to mess further with the IOS, corp. They are new recruits and tbh neither have they planned to steal members nor does anyone in our alliance give a damn about this silly conflict about names.
    Some of them call it the "name wars" to make fun of it, thats all.
    If we had known that their forces would be so weak as you state here, we would have never called in mercs and so many allies. Tbh we overestimated them a lot. We expected at least 30 guys and possibly another 20-30 from you. And I honestly didn't know that IOC. had soo many allies on their own too. I expected our fleet to have 60 men max.
    Admittedly RP could have taken care of that on their own but we thought you guys were serious about evicting them and that is a threat, so we called in as many allies as we could. when we realized what was actually happening everyone had already mobilized.
    And belive me it took hours for the fleets to form up. Mainly because we waited for RP to come over from Delve. We could have gone in 3 hours earlier and had won too. But that wouldn't have been fair to RP which had already been on their way.
    I think you can imagine the unrest of the main fleet by then. so when everyone was there we tried baiting you with the Dread but had already moved to the wh entrance because everyone was getting impatient.
    We had almost given up on getting a fight at that point anyway. earlier that day we had heard that the enemy wanted to surrender and leave so we partially had called off the attack already. Until we heard they had called you in, which tbh is a dick move on their part (the claim to move out peacefully, not calling you in). We had to reschedule again knowing there still might not be a fight at all.
    I know some of our allies called you a coward but I think they were just angry we didn't get a fight at all, if what you report here is true it is understandable that you did not join them, hell, I would have acted the same.
    But don't get me wrong, anyone who threatens my alliance will be dealt with. Your friends were lucky that our highsec mercs forgot to dec in time or they would have been trapped in the wh. They should also be very carefull, even paranoid. Sooner or later we will find their own wh and then we will show them how an eviction really works.
    And yeah I'm giving away intel here but tbh, it's obvious by now that the enemy would stand no chance against us even if they trippled their current numbers.
    But maybe they surprise us tonight. timer should end in a few hours.

    Alliance Leader Praetorian Directorate

  2. We call them the (dot) wars and it is all a bit silly. Three weeks ago we were just wanting a fight with all the ships IOS(dot) were flashing to us in J160739. For whatever reason nobody came out beyond a flycatcher missing a bomber in a hacking site. Unfortunately this made us think a fight might be in the offereing because of that. Shooting one of your POCOs was our final attempt to get a fight and for various reasons (more of my people logging on) we ended up reinforcing it. We decided it would be fun content for the weekend with roughly equal sizes. Come the weekend my scouts told me a lot of your alliance had been parachuted in.requiring us to invite The Bastards to come reinforce our numbers to match.

    Your Rattlers melted through our fleet amazingly quickly which just piqued the interest of The Bastards. You clearly had a good handle on the local effects of your hole. What could be assembled to take down this fleet the following weekend? From there it escalated rapidly with you hiring Goons and SSC to take out what had started as a five man fleet looking for a fight.

    To be clear, eviction was never planned. The stuff in local about how you are coming to take our name seriously annoyed people. The email from you saying you only 'outsource our "boring" PvP matters' was amusing. What are you even doing in a wormhole if you don't want to fight? We really didn't expect to have a diplo chat the following week with a guy from Repercusus telling us he needed to look after his industrial wing (he certainly seems to think you are goon affiliated).

    So that's my side of the story. What should have just been a small fight between equal numbers escalated beyond all imagination through insults and OTT hiring of mercs against us. It's been good content though. My alliance scribe (me) is writing it all down in our history books for reminiscing in years to come

    1. Trying to make yourself look better now? I can understand that but I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't lie.
      It was pretty obvious from the way you talked and the way you relentlessly attacked even though we beat the crap out of you almost every time. You are pretty fanatic over the whole name thing. Even the mercs that were just in it for the money think you are nuts.
      And don't exaggerate needlessly. Our last fleet was way too big, I did say that earlier too but claiming we had hired Goonswarm and SSC is simply wrong. We have a contract with Repercussus, who are part of goonswarm, that is all. SSC came because Gor has friends there, as did many other groups that joined.
      I didn't know of his connections beforehand, otherwise I wouldn't have mobilized RP.
      Since you refer to my mail, we do not mind a fight, otherwise we wouldn't have wiped the floor with you in our first engagement. I could have let mercs handle that too if I wanted. But having you just sit cloaked in their wh and trying to stir up trouble without actually engaging is boring as fuck.
      Funny though that you claim we didn't want to fight. Afaik we have always brought a fleet, it is not our fault you couldn't measure up. It's not like we started the fighting.
      I gave you a fair warning after our initial battle that you would bite off more than you could chew if you continue to be annoying.
      It's pathetic to complain now, it was your choice to continue the pointless fight.
      And I assume you think you got your way now with the name change, right? You couldn't be more wrong, as I said before, I don't give a damn about the whole name thing. What I care about is you ignoring my warning.
      A war only ends when both sides agree to it after all and we have all the time in the world to sniff you out and finish you off.

  3. Oh, and on the point about cowardice: It's never cowardly to avoid or leave a fight you cannot win.

  4. 'Come the weekend my scouts told me a lot of your alliance had been parachuted in. requiring us to invite The Bastards to come reinforce our numbers to match' - Your scouts were completely wrong, there was no one else from the alliance in the WH.
    From our perspective you had called in help already and it was 2 alliances vs 1 of our corps.
    So not really surprising that they picked up the phone to the rest of the alliance now was it? The series of escalations was started by you.
    Oh and the mail? well that's just sengs 'diplomacy', we learn to live with it.

  5. mmm....the fires burn strong on this comment thread


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