Thursday, 2 April 2015

Smacktalk Awards 2015

So we were just dicking about, and one of the guys cross jumps an Abbadon which is rolling our N766. being as he was in an Anathema, he speaks up on comms and we deploy bait into the C2 static. Then, back in the C4, Smacktalk Champion 2015 nominee from Choke Hold opens his dick trap.

pullyourpantsdown Enaka > dream on if you think were intested
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > in being baited
Iyokus Patrouette > oh noes you're so clever
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > i watched you the whole time
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > i knwo
Iyokus Patrouette > to clever for us
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > yeah i am
Trinkets friend > What about a fight then, Mr Smarty cock in brain?
Iyokus Patrouette > how to be like you?
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > suck my balls
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > lol
Trinkets friend > You sound gay
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > you fancy a hs war
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > ?
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > off my alt corp
Iyokus Patrouette > oh.. he's one of those trash talkers from the safety of cloaked ship/pos shields.
Trinkets friend > OMG how the fuck will we deal with a war dec, guys?
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > you want to use a trade hub for the next few weeks ?
Iyokus Patrouette > whats a war dec?
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > thought so
Trinkets friend > Which is your alt corp? And which trade hubs? All of them?
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > all of them
Trinkets friend > Hey, guys, does anyone have an alt?
Iyokus Patrouette > if we show up with a fleet, will they even undock?
Iyokus Patrouette > have they found that button yet?
Trinkets friend > That's schrodinger's alt corp, iyokus
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > <url=showinfo:16159//99003634>Forsaken Asylum</url>
Trinkets friend > You never know if leet PVp is dead till the war targets fag it up and dock
Iyokus Patrouette > lol
Trinkets friend > Aahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Trinkets friend > Aahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Trinkets friend > Aahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > you were as covert as fuck gettign your fleet together
Iyokus Patrouette > EU/US TZ.. lol sure go and war dec us.
Iyokus Patrouette > you'll all be asleep and we'll use the hubs anyway
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > so skill full i thought i ws i na c1 for a sec
Iyokus Patrouette > omg can you use english
Iyokus Patrouette > i'm starting to not understand you at all
Iyokus Patrouette > ws na having a stroke. cll ampoolance
Loken Adoudel > thats because your an idiot
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > <url=showinfo:33468>Astero</url>  <url=showinfo:1373//565638997>Darth Bex</url>
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > you other socute needs to jump out
Darth Bex > congrats
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > i have them all watch lsited
Trinkets friend > Wow, you win at eve
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > i am so good
Miskoranda > Watch out guys, he's got a atchlist
Darth Bex > we've been outplayed guise
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > your so noob its why you never caught a bs
Iyokus Patrouette > like i said at the start... to clever for us
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > yes far to clever
Darth Bex > too*
Trinkets friend > I thought it was because your BS was too noob to fight
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > tkaes a bow
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > takes
Miskoranda > Hey guys, he's learning grammar and spelling
Darth Bex > give up on correcting your grammar, that ship has sailed
pullyourpantsdown Enaka > your boring me now i will leave you to my minions to watch while i go for a smoke
Trinkets friend > it sailed, hit rocks, and sank
Darth Bex > you're*
Iyokus Patrouette > better batphone Forsaken... what ever i already forgot their names first.
Darth Bex > omg L2WATCHLIST

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  1. Saw the name 'pullyourpantsdown Enaka' and lol-ed.
    He used to wardec Foo Signature Industries as well and even placed neutral alts in our system but don't think he ever killed anything serious. All bark but no bite.


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