Thursday, 30 April 2015

The Pendulum of Nerf

Well, it seems that the Pendulum of Nerf has swung back the other way on the Confessor. not quite so much the Svipul, although the easy to fit MASB / 10MN arty fit 650 DPS tank, 450DPS gank instalocking gate camping uberfag Svipuls are a thing of the past. You can still do the LSE fit, although the fitting gymnastics are a bit more contortionist than before and it loses 8K EHP. Still doable, just expensive.

The Confessor just all round sucks now. The Svipul is a better armour T3 destroyer than the Amarr one.

So, my prediction is that the Jackdaw won't turn up any time soon. If it had turned up prior to Mosaic, no one would fly anything else. I mean, think about it.

6 light missile launchers, or 4 with a 50% damage bonus.2 ultility highs? Dual-wield core probe launchers, who gives a fuck.
5 midslots. What do we put there? Let's see. 
  1. MWD? Check.
  2. Long point? Check tha shit.
  3. Phased Muon Damp? Check
  4. Another Phased Muon Damp? Yeah, why the hell not. 
  5. Um. Well. Who cares? Cap recharger? Something with as little CPU usage as possible, cause we just blew something like 2 x Coraxes worth of CPU on this thing already and we know CCP doesn't give Caldari ships CPU.
2 Lowslots.

3 Rigs
T2 Processor overclocking or T1 Overclocking rig, as neccessary, to make it fit
Some kind of core defence field extender rig?
Maybe a second? Will you have enough CPU and calibration?

So you'll end up with about 163 DPS out to at least 63km, double-damp superfast 2,000m/s who-cares-about-tank doucheboat. Kinda like a double-damp Hookbill with about 6,500 EHP. not that you'll need it with your links and shit which will make you go about 2500m/s with a sig the size of a peanut and point to 38km.

Would not want to be a Garmur, let's be honest.

The nerf to the tacical destroyers was fair enough, but it really illustraes how "difficult" it is to create new ship classes for a system which is already bloaed with role specialisations and a vague promise of tiercide resulting in even more ships. Like, you know, EWAR battlecruisers, etcetera.

Instead of that, we are seeing Fozzie's attempt to force more people into smaller ships result in the mathematics of ship balance breaking down. When he has to remove 19 powergrid from the Svipul (20%) to prevent egregious fits which obsolete all T1 and T2 frigates, all T1 and T2 destroyers and most T1 cruisers, all for a 45M hull (and 300M in fittings, a few pills and link alts) all it says to me is that the whole design philosophy is fucked and he needs to start again from the ground up. Especially before double-damp jackdaws blot out the sun with their aerial-like ugliness.

I like the role switching of T3 destroyers. But for instance, the resist bonuses on the Svipul are stupid. It gets both armour and shield. Why? Because Minmatar have ADHD tanking, so you can fit 10MN AB's, ASB's and AARs to the same boat and it gets resist hardened reps in both shield and armour. Smart.

How about turning the defensive bonus for the Svipul into a rep bonus for shields, like all other tanking ships of the Minmatar heritage? Sure, you'll see egregious ASB or faction small booster abuse, but one is limited by cargo (which is a balancing point) and the other by cap warfare. 

I think the nerf is a bit harsh on the Confessor. It was already shit compared to the Svipul. You can't fit an 800 plate on a Confessor but you can still squeeze an LSE on a Svipul. It's a cruiser or BS sized module for fuck's sakes. Same as the 10MN prop mod - powergrid is structured around basically preventing the 10MN fits, which get ridiculous speed in propulsion mode, stupidly low sig for ridiculous speed in defensive mode.

Again, the capacitor may be the place to hit these ships versus anything else. If you make them cap out faster or tweak the size and regen such that a 10MN prop mod fucks them badly, hen you may also balance the active tanked god mode Svipuls.

Or maybe it's down to the role bonuses. 33.3% resist bonuses are too much, perhaps. Maybe trimming it to 25% will knacker the tanks on these things enough. Maybe reduce the sig radius bonus, or replace it with the ECM bonus from Sharpshooter mode. Sharpshooter mode is useless for the Confessor anyway, so that could be tweaked with 33% optimal and tracking, with scan res. You don't need EWAR hardening as a sniper, who the fuck drops alpha fleets with BB's and Falcons?

The nerf pendulum is going to keep swinging here until something gives.

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