Saturday, 25 April 2015


I am never usually one to fall for a pretty paint job, but I do admit I have a healthy shot of anticipation for the new skin system for EVE ships.

I think, however, the Minmatar have got a rather dud deal. The Minmatar skin options, as opposed to the Quafe Megathron or Quafe Vexor, for example, are rather...meh. Nefantar Stabber? Oh, so fancy, it's all cream coloured. Mehfantar, more like. Krusual skins are rather bland, too. Dull metallic red. Justice Edition Nag? What is his poo green tower of bleh?

Like, seriously CCP, I get it. You can't make everyone have Inner Zone Shipping everything or Quafe everything. But Minmatar are too poor to afford paint? Can they not do some awesome desert camo colours? Something a bit racy? Something that looks cool when draped across a Typhoon hull or a Nidhoggur hull? Something almost Ferrari red, with black camo patterns for Brutor? Anything. Help the brothers out. What we have seen so far is shit.

The Khanid skins are going to be pretty boss. I riek. But it's not hard to be awesome looking in black - just ask Edward.

I don't mind the Wiyrkomi skin on the Phoenix, it looks rather Zentraedi. Pity it can't go on the Hyperion. I do rather like the idea of a Nugoehuivi Phoenix, too, or even a Raven.

Tin tacks time. The prices you pay for the skins better mean you get permanent skins, truth be told. 3500 Aurum is about US$15, which represents about 800M ISK. I don't mind grinding 8 hours of C4's to get a pimp skin for a ship I fly a lot. So there better be a boss skin for the Nereus coming. Or the Astero. Bt paying $15 for a destructible skin for something won't see very much income for you, unless you extend it to Rattlesnakes and marauders so the mission-running carebears can have a Nugoehuivi Golem or a Vargur justice Edition (yuck) or, phallus engorgo time, a Khanid Paladin.

Not that we Aussies can see the skins in the browser. Seems that our CCP brothers can't figure out how to unlock conent in WebGL for antipodeans to preview.

I guess I'll build out my Quafe Tristan and leave it at that, for now.

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