Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The Treasure Hoard

You may have noticed a little hiatus was had there over the weekend. Well, that was because one POS bash planned for the weekend turned into three. This was entirely unplanned.

The first was, of course, the Operation Fondled Cumquat excursion. The second was stumbled upon over downtime the next day by associates - S0RTA had found a POS coming out of reinforcement on Saturday night, and we were invited along at the last minute because the three guys involved had been up all night long and were incredibly tired and verging on the edge of collapsing.

It turned out to be an Australian corp, living from an undefended small stick, that some enterprising German corp had reinforced. The POS came out just after downtime, conveniently enough for all, so we turned up, shot a few domi's, somehow managed to club up with Grm Makentor of Oruze Cruise who - shockingly enough - turned up in a triple damp Caracal to toss a few shots into the tower.

 The defenders had managed to evacuate a few things, but the SMA was still a rather decent pinata - 1.7B total, 550M or so dropped, mostly a Dominix and a Scimitar. We evacced the ships and the small amount of stuff from the CHA, and everyone contracted it to me. No problems, I said, I'll sell it all tomorrow and we'll be on our way.

Roll on Sunday night, around downtime. I find my way in to J203753 and see a Vexor navy issue, Stratios, Brutix and Gnosis on scan. I find the POS, and unlike the last time where we turned up and didn't do the intel, this time I ran them through zkillboard and discovered they had shot up a POS a mere 6 hours before. There was a POCO exiting reinforced in 8 hours. There was evidence of a rape cage in the centre of the system around a moon where there was no POS. Something fishy was up, so I set to work and scouted the remainder of the system.

Lo and behold, another POS exiting RF in...2 hours. or, 15 minutes after downtime. It was a French corp, being sieged by a Finnish corp and the POS was exiting in prime time AU. Bueno.

So we rang around and Haywire picked up, 9 jumps away. We inserted everyone prior to downtime and logged at a safe. We rolled pretty heavy, as the defenders had used a dread to kill the last tower, and had up to 15 in gang. We brought 19, including 4 Guardians because we couldn't guarantee they'd all be able to sign in after downtime due to the hour.

An hour passed after downtime with not a single twitch from the Fins. Being bored and it being later and later on a Sunday night, we decided that a small advanced force would sign in and begin blazing the target tower, hopefully to draw the Fins out to attack them. This worked like a charm.

The rest of us logged in, joined fleet, and proceeded to murder the Fins. I even managed to ninja up a stop bubble back at their POS with my Astero, catching the lone Dominix which had managed to MJD out of our Phobos bubble and warp off field.

Then we set to work killing the tower and the incapped faction guns, which was exciting work. Then we looted the SMA and two dozen enormous freight containers within the POS bubble, that collectively contained around 4.5 billion in ships and crap. We left about 750M for the Fins, because it was mostly high-end ores, isotopes and PI shit which we just simply could not be bothered looting.

I had to buy a freighter in Amarr, hoof it 13 jumps to Badivefi, take 541 individual items back to Amarr, flog them off, buy a Bowhead and take a trip back to Badivefi to collect the stolen hulls, haul them back to Amarr, dismantle and sell them. Then I built out 12 faction POS gun BPC's which were in the loot pile, and 24 T2 BPC's also in the loot pile, and put these all on market too.

Good thing I have Tycoon 4 and 329 maximum open market orders, because holy shit, no word a lie, it tok me all day to do that. Then I spent the whole of yesterday sorting Alliance diplo, Alliance siggy, killboards, Alliance logos (well, sort of), refreshing the API library to eliminate a security hole, rejiggering my alts in their camping spots so that my nominated dread sitter toon could begin seriously training toward a gank dread (whee, hello 4 months of training), and finally, moving a guy's 1M cubic metres of shit out of our C4 to hisec because he's been AFK 2 months and that's policy.

Not much time to get on for 9 billion ISK in capital kills.

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