Friday, 3 April 2015


I guess it must seem strange and perplexing, if you have only played the game for a year and a bit, to be confronted with the fact that people can metagame.

I know it happened to me, all those years ago (so many I feel, er, old) when FRICK was moving into hisec wardeccing. We had decced some guys, had you beaut locator agents to track them down, using alts, and we would set up on the pipe from whichever dog-leg highsec bear den they inhabited. They would rat for a few hours and then one of them would make a break for jita and we'd log on....and they would logoffski instantly.

Holy shit, they had added us to watchlist! Our log-on traps on gates leading to/from the mission hubs had to go next-level complicated, with tackle logged on both sides of a gate. then we needed probers with combats deployed on the gate to provide warp-in to their Ravens when they'd pulled an insta-log. This was the time before rat aggro timers prevented your ship disappearing from space for 15 minutes. So we managed to burn one Raven down after a logoffski on gate, but mostly we were thwarted by them having all of us on Watchlist.

Did we Q.Q and hit the forums? No. We sucked it up and considered that the efforts the war's victims had to go to in order to avoid being ganked were equal, if not maybe a little bit less intricate, arcane and ridiculous, than the rigamarole we had to go to in order to gank them. It's fair to say that we got outfoxed by carebears by them simply adding us to WL and logging off when we logged on.

The same is true of jump clones. Is our vaunted CSM going to come onto the forums and Q.Q that jump clones allow people too much leeway to avoid combat? Like when I ran Beggars Can be Choosers, and we got decced by Gravediggers, they would track us down and we simply jump cloned 45 jumps away to Solitude for a day and spent a few hours ratting in lowsec in Wolf AFs. Cocks successfully blocked because we had jump clones which took 10 minutes to set up, thanks Estel Arador Corp Services, you helped us avoid being actually griefed. A bit one-sided isn't it, all this free intel, free jump clones, free gank-avoidance?

Look, the problem is that neophyte Ravinne is suffering in his own jocks. He is experiencing what i experience now and then. I grab a Nereus, begin allegedly running PI in somebody's hole, in front of the locals or the people camping the locals (or maybe up to 4 individual groups), and then someone private convos me or just pipes up in Local "Sorry, TF, not taking your Nereus bait."

Yeah, well, fuck. I got recognised because either I've been seen before, they read my blog, they read the forums, or they've just somehow heard of either Trinkets friend or Sudden Buggery, and aren't falling for it.

It wrks the same way, especially so, when you are a semi internet-famous mediocre noob bomber pilot. The thing Chance and his protege's don't get is that "hell camping" fails to work if people know you are hell camping. Bobers have no persistence. You have to get surprise and numbers in order to actually kill something, otherwise you get run down, drones kill you or people avoid you.

Gigi McQuaid or AnalogTom Rotineque are fond of dropping depots with YOUR HOLE IS MINE or similar stupidity on them in the wormhole they are camping. It baffles me why you would think that this is going to get you any kills. it just puts a flag out that says "some dickhead is trying psyops" and "I'll drive my arty Svipul for a while, bomber threat neutralised".

It also says, "add these dildoes to watchlist". So how do you deal with being added to a watchlist, if you are a noob flying a tankless bomber, and someone knows the instant you log in to their system and reacts accordingly? i mean, it must suck to have played the game for a year and discover people have figured out a simple step to detect when you are around. But remember, these are people who put depots out, so the gig is already up anyway.

Maybe instead of whining about watchlists because you haven't yet figured out you have to get a kill and relocate, if watchlists get you down and are being used against you....just find a new set of numpties to "hell camp" and don't have you on watchlist, and be secure in the knowledge that your previous targets are probably sweating in their POSs for a few days because they have you watchlisted and you aren't even there.

People need to deal with this and move on.

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