Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Why, overview? Why?

Shooting your own militia is obviously a Bad Thing. unless, of course, you are Cynthia Nezmor, who cycles her alts in and out of, eg, Blobcats to exploit the corp standings mechanics in otder to AWOX wthout consequences.

It doesn't help when new corps and players join the Militia and appear as neutrals on overview, and vice versa, resulting in blue-on-blue action. It trashes your standings and CCP seems not to acknowledge it; it seems that losing 1.0 Minmatar standing is just something you should shrug off and say "meh".

Given the time it takes to grind it back up, this is shoddy customer service. I would hate to have to FRAPs every fight to prove it - but considering it is about 5 to 6 hours of hardcore grinding to repair one AWOX by mistake, it may have to come to that.

Sometimes, EVE can be incredibly dumb and frustrating. That's not including the players.

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