Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A super time!

I would like to say that "I was there!" but I wasn't in Asakari whoring on supers and titans as CFC and Goons duked it out over a meaningless small Caldari tower. I did manage to get nextdoor into Okkamon and shoot down a pirate Rupture and farm his 3B ISK podmail in the company of others.

I did get "soloed" on the way home by a remote sensor boosted Legion who shot my Malediction on gate and podded me before the Malediction even finished blowing up. But hey, you get that with 350ms ping sometimes, here in the ass-end of the world (aka, Perth, Australia).

But I can say I was there for my first ever super killmail in Kamela.

The backstory is Lazy Worms is at war with a militia corp which has a POS in kamela. I care not about the war, nor any POS's in the faction warfare zone, but when I heard there was a super kill in the offing, of course i dropped trews and scuttled off to help. We were told to bring HICtors and armour BS, and when Shadow Cartel promised to drop on it and not shoot at us as well, we knew there was a good chance of pulling the kill off. I was, aside from Ivan Joukov, the only logi pilot out of a 40+ man armour BS fleet which formed in Arzad. This was laughable, of course, as the Nyx DPS would have murdered us one by one. So the FC called for more logi, and we derped on the Tzvi gate as our logi for 30 guys was me, in an Augoror, and ivan in a Guardian. Nevertheless, Shadow Cartel dropped the fleet when we were milling around trying to organise extra logi, so we all said "YOLO!" and we went in.

It wasn't much of a fight. Most of these things never are. Supers, as shown in my previous post, are either hotdropped to gank carriers or dreads, and escape due to not being able to be tackled by anything but HICtors, or die to overwhelmingly bad decisions and counter-drops.

In this case, it was Shadow Cartel and militia, with plenty of HICs, and the inevitable PL hotdrop.

We were lucky to lose nothing. Our in cyno for the dreads got bumped on warp-in, probably off the POS shield, so our dreads landed 40km away. Being gank dreads, 40km was too far for all but a Nag, who sieged up while the rest agonised over warping to safes or cynoing out when we heard PL was enroute. The backbone of the Militia logi (ie; me and Ivan) capped dreads as fas as we could, and they cleared the field a minute before PL dropped in. The single nag tanked the Nyx as much as he could, and saved his cap for the out cyno, and escaped with moments to spare and 10% structure.

It was good fun. Nothing epic, but now I've added a nyx to my belt.

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