Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Mistake not the fun

Wormholes stay in your blood. You are either a w-bro, or you are not. You can remove a w-bro from the wormhole, and he will forever be probing for womhole fights and offline towers to pinata - though both of those are harder to get nowadays. Nevertheless, persistence paid off last night, in Ardar.

I found my way in to a C1 Wolf-Rayet with J244 static. D-scan was loaded with wrecks, and there were 2 Tornados, 2 Drakes and a Myrmidon on scan when i jumped in. Within a minute, a Myrmidon was hugging the lowsec hole, drones out, to try to be threatening towards my Cheetah. Immediately, I began rattling the batphone - though for some odd reason yesterday was super-quiet and the phone more or less rang out. I got a single shield SFI and my Scythe, and considered the options such as kiting them, etc, but really, we needed more gank.

Suddenly, it seemed everyone in Europe put down their croissants, bagels, cappucinos and got back to computer. BC's were assembled, and the plan was to jump in a couple of Drakes, engage the Myrm, and draw the others to the WH, probably forcing the Myrm out to lowsec to be murdered.

We'd taken a little too long, so the Myrm jumped out to check the state of local in Ardar, and I immediately pulled the trigger;we could force him through, doubletapped, and kill him. So we did, except I was first to decloak off the hole and died from poor piloting and wanting to whore-drone the Myrm with my Scythe. First mistake. Oh well, a Scythe is cheap.

Then the two Tornados arrived 100km off the hole and began blapping people. I warped my Cheetah to their POS, and back at 100. Pointed the first Tornado, and held tackle under the fire of the second until the SFI had ganked it - but to be honest, could have probably soloed it. Arty nados vs Cheetah of Doom? No chance.

The second mistake was trying to duelbox too much, and warping to the POS and getting a bullshit decloak by the gun cluster, costing me the Cheetah. Frustrating.

We then played wormhole games with the guys, losing a Talos and waxing a Hurricane. We could have got them, but repairs in station took too long and people were out of position when they derped their tornados through in an attempt to crit the hole on us.

It was also a strange set of circumstances; we saw a guy warp off the hole, but he wasn't in Local. It wasn't an exploit or haxx, because he was in one guy's Local list but not everyone's. Secondly, after jumping out of the WH fight, I warped to station and had an aggression timer, so couldn't dock. This is equally weird and worrying, because you shouldn't pick up aggression flags in wormholes to prevent you docking. So, petitioned that shit (no doubt, to be ignored).

In the end, it was a fun fight, even though we didn't mop the floor. I lost 2 ships, both to mistakes associated with dualboxing. But the militia guys who turned up got 45 minutes of skirmishing on the hole, and enjoyed it, even if we lost a few things. And in the end, getting tackle on a Tornado with the Cheetah is about as good as it gets, for me. 

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