Thursday, 3 January 2013


Some dude, who was a military philosopher who I cannot quite remember (and google fails me) said once, something along the lines of "the study of maps informs upon the conduct of war".

It seems that our foes in the Amarr are greater students of maps than the nebulous clique of minds which are shambolically "running" the war for the Minmatar. 

Dal is a critical system in the topography of the Amarr-Minmatar faction warfare battlefield. Given the free lunch given to them by the exclusion of Egghelende from FW contestation, resulting in it being a de facto unsinkable aircraft carrier (the Midway of the warzone, in essence) and the Amarr control of Siseide, this leaves only Dal and Gulmorogod to be taken to cut off the Heimatar pocket from the rump of Metropolis.

Gulmorogod is a vital system in the Heimatar region, connecting Bosboger with Metropolis via Egmar. It was being heavily pushed last week in concert with Dal, but the proximity of Gulmorogod to Bosboger and Amamake makes it a difficult ask. Dal, however, is nextdoor to Siseide, Amamake, and abutts Hofjaldgund - which is in essence now a useless backwater system, as it has no stations.

Thus we can tease out the strategy of the Amarr, and see the paucity of the Minmatar strategy which is bankrupt if Dal falls - which at the time of writing seems more or less guaranteed.

In the past week we have seen Minmatar flip Halmah, Iesa, approach the tipping point with Ezzara.

These are all irrelevant actions compared to battling for Dal to keep it, and shows how little individual alliance XO's and corporation CEO's actually pay attention to what they are doing towards a greater war effort. We have seen hours of people's game time spent and wasted flipping isolated systems deep inside enemy territory, for no appreciable gain, at the expense of a coordinated defence of Dal and Gulmorogod.

Don't get me wrong; it is not goingg to be the end of the world to lose Dal. But it is certainly a very peculiar situation. We fought, and the Amarr fought so hard for Aset precisely because of its strategic value (and the fact that douchenozzles inhabited it). Now, we seem adrift and bereft of leadership, and are about to let a critical system be flipped while mobs of people faff about uselessly tipping isolated systems over in the back blocks of Amarr territory, only to lose them almost daily.

So. I wonder whether this is just the Christmas and New Years break? I hope so. 


  1. The same issue is what cause the Caldari/Gallente zone to end up in the mess it is.
    OMS and Ladister are not important anymore since the changes to FW but unfortunately some have not yet realized that.

    No disrespect to them - They are all good guys, better pilots than me and have worked 100 x harder for Caldari fw than I ever have/did. (I deserve to get a medal from CCP for logging in and AFKing more than any other player.)

    In my opinion - Anything infront of the regional gates is not a priority and should be considered only when a t4-5 push is ready to happen.

    Not getting into detail here - but I am so impressed with the Amarrs organization and co-operation from the short time I have spent there.

    Even people who don't personally like each other will fleet up and fight together for the greater good of the Amarr.

    Shitposting with meh Google thingo and not anon. :)

    1. I agree - right now the Amarr are way more organised strategically than the Minmatar. They have been pushing Aset hard, knowing there's a lot of pew pew and Q.Q there if they flip it and reinstate their camp-out. This is helped by Cynthia docking in hisec in Avenod then AFK plexing with 5 toons while clearing rats with his Daredevil.

      The LNA/FeO/etc combine up the other end have been shitting over everything. It's like, 8 systems plus in 23 days, likely a big push ahead of Dust514 beta tie-in. Either way, lots of effort up there, no coordination with Ushra'Khan down south (to me, Kourm is North, Isbra is South).

      Perhaps this is the work of a few people in Amarr vs a clapped-out tired alliance in Minmatar, but either way, its a rotation in the warzone. Strategically, there will be lots of shit if we lose southern metro. The question is - do LNA/FeO etc actually care?

  2. OMG now I need a post approved by a slave. lol

    1. Well, I am a giant intartubes troll. I can dish it, and I can take it. But there is trolling and there is just shitting up someone's blog with abusive bullshit that doesn't contribute to anything. So, sadly, you can thank Cynthia Nezmor and alts for me moving to moderated comments. Believe me - you come here, and call me a dipshit, and do it in a decent way without saying ├┐ou are a fuckstick"and I'll publish it and reply.


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