Friday, 4 January 2013

Blob? Just add Militia.

The batphone is a mystical thing. You are involved in defensive plexing to keep contestation of a few key systems down (and earn average LP) and then, suddenly, you get a convo.

You are in FW. We have a connection to Minmatar lowsec. That means you are up for shit, right?


Thanatos is mentioned. The ears certainly perk up and the humdrum mundanity of deplexing for iffy ISK/hr falls to the wayside.

Within 5 seconds you are warping out of your complex, you are reshipping to shield battlecruisers, comms details are swapped via convoes, people are loading up on ammo, signing off comms, logging in to the new one - fleet invites fly like french letters and people are given a destination: Hrokkur.

12 jumps? Nothing. We burn hard, four jumps of lowsec and then from Hek to Teonusude. Gatecamped systems are passed by. Logi is sorted...sort of. One scimi, one guardian. I push my alt ahead hard in the Cheetah of Doom, so we can scan ur way in and avoid exposing ourselves with a decloak from the 2 scouts on the inside.

I scan the entrance within 1:20. Peachy. We pile up in Teon, except for the Militia guys, who are more comfortable jumping blind into lowsec. They all stack up in Hrokkur. We ignore a Tornado ratting the belts, even though I could get a warp-in. It isn't even mentioned on comms.

Dwntime is approaching and the calculation is how much force do we need to assemble in case the guy is triage fit and turles up? 20 in fleet, T3's and battlecruisers, 2 logis and 1 Cheetah, and ECM armour Tengu. We take a gamble when the fleet is 1 jump out and they finish salvaging - I'm ready to die in a fire pointing a Thanny way too early to ensure we get it. But we opt to let them start another site, and it pays off.

We stack up on the hole, waiting for one last straggler. Then we gank. It wasn't remotely fair; we are mildly disappointed at this. I offer that, of course, when Militia is involved, blob is inevitable.

Then, like mist in the desert sun, the fleet disbands when it hits highsec. The Thanatos and BS are dead, perhaps ignobly considering what we brought, but 20 minutes before downtime you can't take chances. People exchange intel channels, promising that if the batphone rings, it will be picked up.

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