Thursday, 17 January 2013


Stupidity is the act of repeating a failed activity in the expectation of a different outcome.

Since Sudden Buggery 3.0 (FW Edition) started, with a "less worrying about killmails and shit" ethos, I have recruited quite a few noobs into corp. I have allways done this - and I am proud to say, my noobs have learned a lot and gone on to do great and wonderful things, without having to resort to EVE-Uni. In fact, often 'graduates' of Sudden Buggery are the anthithesis of EVE-Uni. And that makes me proud.

There are however, noobs, and noob's noobs.I've had to let a guy go from corp because of being the latter. Allow me to expound;

The Noob
A noob is a guy who is new to the game, who just doesn't know his arse from his elbow, internets spaceships-wise. He is unfamiliar with what ships do, how to fly them, how to fit them up, what skills to train, how to align out so you minimise your risk, what is a threat, what isnot, what is D-scan, etcetera. This is none of his fault - you can't become and instant expert, and I was a noob at one time. I lost a Caracal in Resbroko to some pirate, I was bouncing off roids and being a derptard and suddenly I'm raped to death, with a fit that looked like a smashed crab jammed in a whore's vagina.

But, a noob is not an idiot. He learns, adapts, asks questions, and absorbs the gameplaay and game skills he needs to be effective. This may take some time - maybe 3-6 months, lets be fair. The learning curve in EVE is steep and continual, but you get most of it done fairly early on, so you should be seeing progress with your noobs after a week or two.

The Noob's Noob
Keeping in mind the above, that the game is difficult to pick up, there is a problem when depsite clear instructions to research fittings and modify them in certain ways, your guy seems inacapable of taking the hints. Similarly, although for a noob FW sounds fun and exciting (and is, these days) it is a dangerous situation, even in hisec. So, when people consistently ignore directions to avoid Hek or camped pipes, or how to fit their ships, and the diffference between warp and align, you begin to wonder.

In the case of Hober Malloe, this was an over-reliance on Reactor Control I's and a propensity to dual-tanking. It was flying a battlecruiser around in lowsec when, in today's FW, there really is no point. Not being in comms. Not plexing, and mining (which in BUGRY is basically a no-no on your main; \i do have a miner/trader alt, everyone needs one). Dying too much. Undocking your BC after you lost a Tormentor, and dying fruitlessly because of butthurt.

So, I have pushed young Hober Malloe out of BUGRY for mutual benefit. He has lost at least 300M in ships in 2 weeks, and you don't make that by mining in highsec itinerantly. He has no idea how to fit a ship, and needs a lot of help in that regard which I cannot bother giving him. He has a giant target on his back. And, frankly, he accounts for 30% of our losses, alone.

This is a guy who needs EVE-Uni, or RvB, or just a stint with a carebear corp, to really begin learning, without churning through a ship per day.

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