Wednesday, 20 July 2016


The changes to Capacitor Batteries which came in recently were certainly effective. Granted, this was the third or fourth crack of the whip by CCP, but for once CCP Fozzie et al. looked at the feedback thread, which for once wasn't full of spergertards wheeze-gloating bullshit, and it all came together in a joy of effective rebalancing.

Now you can spend 450M on a Tengu with a cap battery and a DG XL booster and get 1600 DPS worth of practically neut-proof PVP godliness. Or you can go 1.5B and get 1900 DPS tank, add boosts and pills and implants and get 2500 DPS+.

With the Svipul you can get what I call Terminal Cancer, which has a Republic Fleet medium cap battery and a medium shield booster, cap stable. Links, pills and LG Crystal implants is 711 DPS tank  You can get a Hurricane Fleet down to 5% hull before a lucky wrecking shot alphas through your hull. I lacked all the fruit, and I still nearly won.

The cap battery Sac is now a beast. T2 fit MAAR/MARII and LCBII it's 816 DPS tank and with a medium scoped nosferatu running, cap stable at 29% and that's with two T2 nanobot accelerator rigs. If you want less tank and more capacitor spare, go 2 x T2 Aux Nano pumps and it's 734 DPS tank @ 63% cap stable. For 326M that's good craic - almost Deimos level bullshit.

Battery fits are also very much viable with Marauders. You can make a bassically capacitor-passive Vargur fit with 2 x Thukker LCB's  and 3 x A-type medium nos, which realistically is all you need to PVP with as long as you can primary the neuts off the field and aren't getting hotdropped by 2 carriers. Links, pills, HG Crystals, 6100 DPS tank cap stable at 38% with effective 33% neut resists. Booyah.

With the new Asklepion implants, a LCB Kronos is now very much a thing. In fact, the new Asklepion implants are so OP it's kinda ridiculous.

Truly, the days of the cap battery being a garbage module are well and truly over.


  1. Just unfortunately that tengu isn't neut proof enough, they bring an Ashimmu and you're dead within seconds:

    1. Well, "dead within seconds" vs 18 people is different from dead within seconds vs 1 person. Did you read the previous post about how you need to bring a blob if you are going to bait?

  2. Hi Trinkets!

    How whats your thoughts on the new capital modules?
    Like is it worth training for capitals with the new anti sub cap guns / launchers and capital cap boosters etc?

    1. I'm going to say....yes. A qualified yes. Firstly, carriers vs subcaps are very stronk. Dreads vs subcaps, if you have blap dreads (which requires a gang for web/TP support), is good. If you want to Lords Servant it and go solo blap dread, maybe not so much. If you drop as part of a small gang of caps, you probably want an anti-subcap dread (Nag or Phoenix) to complement to anti-capital dreads to clear off support (ie; clear off your enemy neut boats, webs, EWAR, etc).


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