Tuesday, 19 July 2016


There's some interesting games afoot in Verge Vendor with monopolies being sought in the provision of 0% tax or low-transaction market Citadels.

Basically, Archetype. alliance, being a typical rentboy highsec wardec corp, has decced the owners of citadels (Astrahus and Fortizar) around Dodixie, to force their competition out of the niche in freeport low-tax hubs. This has seen some quite disorganised carebear alliances come under attack.

One such group of disorganised yet somehow space-rich ingenues is Resonance Alliance, who has a Fortizar in Botane. It got RFed recently, prompting one of the members to begin batphoning for help in defending the 1620 GMT timer. I saw him bleating ineffectually in a public channel and started mustering some help, mostly because I like dropping a dozen catalysts on neutral logi in highsec.

It quickly became apparent this guy had zero idea. He wanted to keep it a Freeport even during the fight over the timer. This meant that, for instance, the Archetype. neutral logi could have docked at the Fortizar in question and taken advantage of the heat and remote repair facilities. Or, if they were really smart, docked a freighter full of gank catalysts and undocked right into the defence fleet at zero and ganked shit.

"Dude. You have to treat this like a serious situation. Treat it like you are, you know, actually at war. Fucking lock that shit down, right now, even for 2 hours, just in case. You have to block off all the douchey highsec faggotry that they can and will pull, to get an edge over you." I said.

"But people have stuff inside and won't be able to access it."

"Who gives a fuck? Your Fortizar is worth about 40 billion, and all their shit will get transferred to some other station if it blows up, and someone might miss a few minutes of marketing bullshit. Are you seriously not going to lock your Fortizar down during an attack, just because some randoms might be inconvenienced?"

In the end, Archetype. used their spais, alts and scouts to see the horribly disorganised hordes of noobs jumps before they got on field, and obviously didn't attack it yesterday evening. But I have no doubt they will be back, and I have no doubt they will succeed if only because if you have such little competence that you can't even treat a war dec like a war, you really don't deserve to keep your Fortizar.

That said, there's some good ganking of neutral logi around Dodixie to be had, no doubt about that. Maybe something for someone who can organise their shit just enough to get a bunch of catalysts and a combat prober into position.

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  1. Had an alt corp of our with hisec citadels for staging out gank activities from get decced and hit by some CO2 PETS a week or 2 back. so we transferred 30 or so of our gank alts into the corp and proceded to use rail brutix with 110km range to sit at 0 on the citadel and insta anything they brought. 10min after the timer and them loosing 1.3bill in ships + us ganking their booster they dropped the war :D


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