Sunday, 17 July 2016

Looting Fail, Scamming Success

A couple of days ago, some guys from the SSS / TITF coalition found their way into a C3 off Gusandall and found an offline POS. They of course farmed the SMA for dank loots.

One of them, however, got into a module popping frenzy and accidentally popped the SMA wreck, and all its juicy, juicy contents. We LOLed on comms about this, even though the other guy involved in the loot pinata was fairly steamed up about it.

Anyway, time passes and the owner of said SMA probes his way out to lowsec and sees the perps in local. A conversation is struck up, wherein the guy swears on the grave of his cat or something that he put fuel in the POS this morning, CCPHax, etc etc.

Slick says he'll sell the loot back at a steep discount, because splitting it up is just causing too much friction between himself and Air Thruster. A price of 2.5 billion ISK is agreed upon. The guy docks up, and a trade window is opened, and Slick starts filling the trade window with crap, and says Air Thruster's wallet needs to flash, because Air Thruster doesn't trust Slick to split the money since Slick has the loot. So the guy transfers the money to Air Thruster, and Slick closes out of the trade window.

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