Friday, 8 July 2016

Overtanking vs Blobbing

Consider the humble active tanked PVP Tengu. It can tank ike a truck, especially now there's cap batteries which reflect the majority of neuting. So you can go baws deep and get yourself tackled 50km off a wormhole and scrabble back to it under neuting pressure and a fair amount of DPS.

But the thing about these sorts of hero tanked ships is, unless you're pretty sure the enemy doesn't have logi, the equation isn't "is my tank > their DPS" it's "is my blob bigger than theirs?" and "is my DPS > their tank?"

if you don't have that worked out, then you are screwing yourself out of 1.2B ISK for no real point.

Still....that was a Cataclysmic C3. In the Pulsar he was trying to crawl back into, there's not a lot we could have done to dunk the Tengu without more neuts. RIP 250,000 damages taken.

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