Sunday, 17 July 2016

The Eastern Front 2016

Whilst killing Desertcrypt Gengod's Occator alt, I had traversed J105700, an unremarkable C1 with 21 online towers which comprised a giant refinery farm owned by some Polish industrial corporation.

It seems my killing of Crypt interrupted his nefarious plans to assemble Scimitars and nagas to assault said C1, where in true nerd fashion he had calculated their monthly fuel bill at 8B ISk. In the Toby Macguire "Show me the money!" forensic accounting schtick, if you can afford 8B ISK/mo in fuel, you must therefore be making at least 8B ISK/mo in profit if not substantially more. Therefore, because people are lazy, and there was a CSAA and 34 CHA's and 16 SMA's and...etc...Crypt figured out that there was serious Pinata.

So the Eastern Front was opened up this weekend, with the two juiciest POSs RFed on Friday. This involved 20 Nagas, VNI's and Oracles and, after some not too subtle coaxing from myself and Jack haamilton, 27 tractor units in Trashcat Doctrine, to speed up and smooth the RFing.

The sieging and the camping contnued till tonight, where Trashcats again came to the fore. Sadly, some people were bad tractor daddies, and some losses were experienced.

However, the loot pinata was suitably juuge.

Some gudfites were apparently had, before the looting fleet dealt with reputedly "a whole planet's worth of PI".

The Polish are apparently quite angry that their farm hole is being plowed. More content on the Eastern Front is expected.

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