Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Littlest Big Tweaks

The boring run of module tiercide just got hot. Crazy hot. Like, the frumpy girl with the roll-neck sweater took it off and she's got H-cups and a camel toe that won't quit.

The upcoming module tiercide for Plates and Extenders has hit, and this is Ben Hur territory, as any Pyfanatic or EFTwarrior will immediately realise.

First off, the Navy plates just got super sexy. More EHP (by 10% over T2 and 30% over meta), lower CPU, higher PG....this is where Slave sets and Navy Plates get together and make 750K EHP baby Proteus love. Lower CPU requirements for some plates will also substantially help some Guardian fits and some Recons with CPU issues.

Secondly, the move to Restrained has some edge use in shield nanofag and shield-AB doctrines, in that lowering the sig penalty of Thukker LSE's in particular, plus lower PG and greatr shield HP, really benefits these fits. Not only is it easier to fit these modules, you get more bang and take less damage. As Takei would say....Oh my!

However, even the humble LSE II is getting a slight buff of 5 less PG. this is enough to make T2 LSE's work on some bizarre fits, and others where you are 0.1% out are suddenly viable. This is true of almost all the extenders and plates, in fact; the game of fitting gymnastics has been thrown wide open.

As for what it means for balance?

Well, we shall see what the market wants to pay or charge for Navy plates, as I'm not au fait with LP and tag costs for the plates, but certainly if I was in FW I'd be cashing LP's in like a motherfucker right now for Navy 1600's. But given the volume of LP's sloughing out of FW, as long as they settle sub 50M, you'll see them on wormhole Guardians, faction battleships, etcetera. In short, every undock in a trade hub will have Vindi's with these plates on them shitting up your game play with lame extra buffer tactics.

Shield extenders will remain pricey, if not pricier. The Republic Fleet extender ought to be cheaper than the Thukker versions, for two reasons; one is tha it'll be less OTT and secondly the supply of LP's for RF gear is orders of magnitude more. But will you see them? Probably on the odd pimped Tengu, but mostly on Cynabals and Orthrus, which really need sig reduction. And we need more overly pimped Orthruses with off grid links, Haloes etc kiting us and taking no damage, at 50km. Like a hole in the head.

However, the vaunted LSE Svipul is bac. Big time. Big, big time. Shit's going to get craaaazy again, especially if you can shoehorn a Restrained Azeotropic onto it and wallow in your low-sig 25K EHP craziness.


  1. Heh, after reading your posts of last month about the LSE svipul I was already wondering about the impact of faction extenders on fittings.

    Some time ago resists on ships were nerfed from 5% per level to 4%. And they still went with 33% shield + armor for the svipul and didn't think it would be OP..?

  2. TF I don't know how else to contact you, but im taking a break from eve to deal with my dota2 addiction, you can have all my shit in the POS, i'll be back eventually.


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