Wednesday, 6 May 2015

All for the alts!

It has been a very quiet week this week, so far. A week in to May and we struggle to find meaningful content beyond ganking. We even resorted to rolling an E545 in our static C2 for nullsec content. I guess it worked. We ganked a Procurer, hoping it was bait.

It wasn't. The C0VEN guys in local took 20 minutes to probe the sole sig in system and figure out it was us, and then they rage docked everything, so we rolled away. Much laer we found a frig hole to goon space, and as usual it was full of idiots. I mean, I may not be world champion Gila fitting expert but this is pretty bad.

I am not sure if it's just a quiet week, quiet month, or whether the propensity of holes to be controlled by farming alts is the problem. This is apparently now the rage in popular C4 types, eg; C2 + C3 statics with vanilla effects. Certainly a good hole for bearing, with decent C3 ISK on offer and, if you ever get friends or a Marauder, home sites, plus luxurious C2 logistics.

The irony is, a corp of alts is ejecting a corp of alts this weekend. So we will be attending, because one set of alts is ours. I'm not sure if we really care, except that it might be content.

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