Monday, 25 May 2015

Transients to 11, Sulu!

I am not sure if it was just our chain but this weekend i noticed tha most wormholes had a shitload more transient connections (and hence K162's) than usual. Like, at least 100%-200% more. At one stage, our chain had only our satic C2 and C4, and we were connected to 9 wormholes in the C2 and 6 in the C4. Then we got a C008 and L005 as well.

I am not sure if this was entirely due to randomness. After all, w-space population has reputedly taken a dive of 30% this month alone. It is not beyond the realms of likelihood that CCP's one way to arrest this fall into morbidity is to turn the transient coefficient up to 11 so that people connect to more holes and meet each other and shoot each other in the face.

We will see. It was good, but ridiculous. We didn't really roll into anyone of note, besides BAERS and Nosferatu Security Foundation.

Nosferatu Security Foundation is, arguably, the biggest bunch of coward nerds to ever play EVE online. I mean, the time before this when we rolled into them, Shirag spotted my nereus on his B274. He warped himself and his alts back to POS and safe logged. That, and shooting POS modules exclusively while evicting people, is how you get 433 "kills" and 3 losses.

This time they rolled their hole in 100MN cloaky nullified higgs-rigged Proteuses (no doubt fit with 4 stabs) within 10 minutes of us spawning a connection into them. Not even Nereus bait would tempt them, because besides knowing it's bait (well, duh) they also knew there was a better than 0% chance of them losing a ship if they got out of POS.

Truly, some cowardly dickbats which need eviction.

Anyway, the D382 which let us into their coward den was crushed, and then instantly respawned even though it was not a satic. Which never happens. So, yeah, transients to 11, Sulu!

Also, why do C4's never get transient outbound? just shitty frig holes, mostly Q's to nullsec so we have to use Garmur fagfleet and double-damp Coraxes?

can we not get transient full-sized holes which are not our statics? I mean, I like having two statics. But a random C247 in our hole or H900 every now and then isn't so hard is it?

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