Thursday, 7 May 2015

Frig Hole Fun Times #6

Devoter vs frigs = long-ass time to kill shit. 

It started off as an Astero running a relic site, accessed via a L005 out of out wormhole, so I marshalled the troops in frigates to go gank him.

This was achieved flawlessly.

Nek minnit, a Devoter lands on field accompanied by a Confessor and Purifier. We burn out of bubble range and I lay point on the Confessor in my Garmur, and we start a spiraling tango which draws the Confessor 70km off the Devoter and Purifier. I get Uraldari to warp off and back and we lay drones on him. he tanks quite well but eventually succumbs as a Svipul arrives on field.

We push him off, and I sprint back 120km to murder the Purifier and lay point on the Devoter. We begin chewing on him at great length and very slowly as some more of my guys get themselves down the chain or signed in.

Obligingly, they come back for round two with an Ishkur, Atron, Jaguar. Cannahbro loses his daily Hookbill pretty quickly, and our Astero gets hard tackled, and dual-boxing frigates hinders my ability to deliver enough drone DPS to the Jag to kill it off before Uraldari goes down. RIP Astero, then shortly later RIP Jag.

Our foes begin dropping a hull-tanked Algos onto field (which gets out in 3% structure) to deliver drones to the Devoter, who unsuccessfully attempts to swat at my Garmur, and Astero, and does a job on some of our bombers.

Finally we push enough bombers back onto field to out-DPS the Devoter's active tank, and snag the pod. That was the best entertainment we could hope for this week - 30 minutes from go to whoa.

GF's were exchanged, and as suspected, we figure out both sides were coming in via frigate holes. 

Waris dracona said his guys were scraping the bottom of the barrel to field ships. That was fairly obvious, as Atrons don't get put on field much with anything better being available in the SMA.

Luckily for us, we have developed a semi-coherent frig hole doctrine and have SMA's overflowing with small ships. It's part of wormhole life now - we may all wish to have Ishtar blobs, 100MN HAM Legion doctrines and capital fights, but if you ignore or avoid frig holes, you miss out on content. If you also ignore the ships and fits to make it doable or at least vaguely possible, you also miss out.

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