Thursday, 14 May 2015

Where is this in wormholes?

This used to be wormholes. It's now farming, going back to POS and pointedly sitting in a shuttle when someone comes in system, or instalogging if you can't roll your holes. Not that many people roll holes, because why would you rage roll when you don't even find anyone in 60 wormholes each and every day?

I mean, I know you have to make money money in game in order to have the toys. But the idea should be to have fun with the toys. I just see more toy collectors playing the game now, trying to win by having more money than the other dude, versus people trying to win by conquest.

I'm getting to the position where I really can' even care about OGB's and people flying ridiculously pimped ships to kill hopelessly outmatched noobs. At least they are out there using their money and wealth and skills they have accumulated in-game. It would be nice if they took more risks, rather than killing month-old toons in failfit Drakes using 650M ISK Svipuls with full Tengu links, a cloaked Falcon alt and an emergency Scimitar. I mean, that's pretty lame, but the tables could turn (if their alt toon nextdoor didn't exist) and they could lose their shit.

That's better than the way things are going, which is people intensively farming their shit after rolling their holes, once a week, and staying logged off the rest of the time.

What the fuck do you do with your ISK, people? I mean, we are talking bucketloads of ISK just accumulating in wallets, doing nothing while people complain there's no content, and then turning around and bitching about how the successful content creators are just ganking farmers (ie; them) or holding down the "little guy" (ie; their 4 man alt corp) and blobbing.

I posit that if people got over the need to farm more than, and I'm being generous, a wallet buffer of 15B ISK (to replace a hypothetical suppercap for fuck's sakes), and after that devoted their entire efforts in EVE toward spending as much on PVP as they earned to PVP, they might actually have a lot more fun.

I'm not saying you need to welp heedlessly. Don't take unwinnable fights. But a least get the fuck out of POS or station when hostiles show up in system to fuck with your farm.

On a separate note, the move towards making structures entosisabe, and therefore more vulnerable (to a point) is also good. Structure grinds deter content creation. Should they go away entirely, plus or minus neutralising a couple of POS guns etc, we might see more shoosting and evictions. This will create more content, or in the very least see a bunch of farmers summarily evicted, and see their safe loot cans expire and assets destroyed once they all get podded the fuck out of their holes and lose their connections back in.

I am so angry about this warp back to POS and log off, or only fight on highsec crap, there's going to be evictions over it. 

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