Sunday, 1 February 2015

Welcome to zkillboard!

Research is a large part of stalking in w-space. You have to take names before kicking arse.

The way it goes is, you hop in, find the POS (or have one already BM'ed), check if there's 30 Lacheses and Curses idling there, take some names, fire up zkillboard if you don't know them well already (an elephantine memory helps keeping track of who's a farmer and who's a hunter) and check out what their threat level is.

Every so often, though, your research throws up a blank. Some people manage to avoid getting on a killboard - and some for an amazing 6 years. Either they just don't ever leave highsec for years, they are damn shit-hot at being careful, or just incredibly lucky.

Last night we found our way into a wormhole, spotted a Proteus on d-scan, who changed into a Helios and logged out. We pinged him as Jirist and he had achieved this amazing feat of never dying (or, not to players). This automatically flagged him as a bear.

So when he signed in after downtime (in what's becoming known as RUS Hour because we seem to bag a Russian every night these days) I sent over a Rapier to have a gecko. He was in POS, in a weird-looking Proteus (ie; ratting subs), and soon warped out to a combat anomaly. I anded a second late and he'd bounced back to POS. So, dutifully I followed and saw him immediately bounce off to Forgotten Frontier data site.

This is ordinarily a Smart Thing to do, since people generally have to probe the site (or your ship) down in order to get a warp-in on you. In the day and age of the new Combat Recons, this is also about as safe as it gets in w-space bearing, so we began to see why Jirist had avoided dying to players for so many years.

Luckily for me, I had probed this all out a few hours before RUS Hour, and had a Curse ready to jump, and hence when a close warp-in presented, we piled in on top of him and put him on zkillboard for the first time.

Greetings, Jirist. May your killboard history grow long and green.

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