Wednesday, 18 February 2015


I scarcely bother keeping up with nullsec politics. It is like an episode of the Kardashians - rich, spoilt whiny princesses having pretend spats over who gets to drive the Swarovski-encrusted Bentley to the ball and lots of huffing, eye rolls and bullshit.

last week, chief Prolapse. diplo Leon got a convo from a nullsec alliance diplo who wished to discuss a proposal. After some to-ing and fro-ing (and unblocking this guy, who I'd blocked due to his spam in recruitment) we got down to tin tacks and i got to see the offer on the table.

They live in the periphery of the Dronelands. I'm going to say insmother, because i wasn't really paying attention; I was only there to listen to the plan, and see if it was worth the bother before really giving a shit. Considering my diet is corn-free that seemed unlikely, but I also believe you have to give every opportunity a chance.

The founder of the alliance in question was 6 months old, he ran a corp, it had sum total less kills in 6 months than i had in the past month personally. most of them were from 3 POSs his dudes blew up. However bad this sounds you cannot discount these people off-hand. Look at BRAVE - the founder was a noob, made a noob-friendly corp for noobs, and now you have thousands of people kludged tgether owning sov and even dropping caps. But, yeah...nah.

These guys had some rental space, basically, under the wings of some mysterious and unnamed Russian overlords who were vaguely bankrolling the operation, or at least letting the nublets live like slime mold between the arse cheeks of their botting empire. The plan was to assault NA renter space (oh shit son, secret's out) with, it seems, hordes of wormhole corps lured out to the arse end of Insmother by the promise of....wait for it...access to industry, a decent market hub (stocked by the Russians at great profit for Space Putin, no doubt), ratting, blah blah.

My question was "How are you sorting your logistics?"

This is key. I mean, as we've seen from R30-PZ a small band of dedicated PVPers can turn the tables on large mobs of bloodthirsty RUSbears, but the other lesson which I tried to provide some advice on in that case, was to sort the logistics first. PESKY tried to sort out some reinforcements fa too late in the piece, when the sov warfare grindfest of timer defence was already under way. You can't simply walk into Insmother for a war of attrition on 24 hours notice, and turning up to white knight one timer won't win the grind. So, wth this in mind, the answer to the above question was vital.

It seems that the Russians handle all that. Or something. By stocking a market hub. I mean, OK, but what if I want to run old-school Drake blob and there's only 3 Drakes in system? Who's going to make the JF run or probe a route via wormholes to bring this shit in? Not the nublets, not the Russians, and certainly not me.

The other thing which Nubcakes and Alliance didn't really appreciate was that in exchange for docking, ratting and build rights in nullsec (tasty, eh?) we had to  attend CTA's. This is like telling someone you have to get into porno and by the way, here's a cup.

Jump clones are fine, and the skill which you can train to level 5 that cuts the time down to 18 hours is fine, but you aren't getting my guys out of our C4, docking up, JCing out to some fuckass useless place in the bowels of the Dronelands, to attend a CTA with no SRP, no free ships, no guarantee of hulls and modules, no organisation and the prospect of what? Humping some pathetic moon goo tower or ten or fifty of which we get none, and would want even less.

I mean, I wish them luck. I would hope no wormhole PVP entities would go in for that idea, but I suppose someone might be stupid enough to make their corp implode from trying to run a nullsec sov war from inside a C4. But it won't be me, and it therefore wont\'t be my guys.

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