Saturday, 28 February 2015

BRAVE but stupid

Getting a fight is sometimes as easy as asking. BRAVE is renowned for taking used to be that they would welp anything versus anything. However, when BRAVE moved into wormholes, they seem to have lost their ability to take fights. They will ask if you want to take a fight, and promise all manner of sweetness like "we don't want it to be unfair" and "no podding".

So you deploy 2 Execquors, a Prophecy and 5 Sacs vs what you are told will be "8 to 10" of them, and you get 11 Brutixes, a Blackbird of shame, a Prophecy, Deimos and 3 Guardians.

So we tucked our tails between our legs and declined to welp our ships.

The point of this?

Well, the BUGRY / TF philosophy is to get the fight first, and make it fair second.

First order of business is to get tackle - and if you don't do that, you have nothing. If you aren't willing to risk losing a hero tackle something - Astero, Cheetah, even a Lachesis - then you deserve to get no kills because you are bad.

Second order of business is to at least try to make it fair. We will often take fights not only with tackle Asteros vs multiple cruiser and battlecruiser foes, but drop in a few ships with solo logis, and prevail by small margins, with white-knuckle tanking and withdrawing the tackle Astero at the absolute last moment (see the carrier gank video, for an example). The purpose of this is to not only make it exciting for us, give the foe a chance, draw out support or rage undocking, but to ensure people will keep taking fights with us and not just go back to POS and use International Bear Semaphore to signal they won't fight. 

Sure, bring an unfair fleet to fight us. Trick us, out-play us, out-fly us, outnumber us and/or just plain out-DPS us. If we get tackled and pinned down and you roflstomp us into the ground, that's my fault as FC, leader, devil-may-care flying fool.

It's the old adage, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

But you didn't even fool me once.

Hence, we won't be taking arranged fights with Catastrophic Overview Failure. I would in fact go so far as to say that no one should. Which is ironic considering the reputation which is being tarnished here - since when do people have to #YOLO against BRAVE, and not the other way around? Sure, the alliance has grown and matured and moved past the Atrons phase and flies bigger ships better, but it has gone straight to overwhelming coward mode. 

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