Sunday, 22 February 2015

The Station Camping Hero Tax

Don't you love station camping heroes? You know, the guys in the Svipuls / Thrashers / etceteras, sitting there ready to buy a cheap killright and blap a pod or shuttle. Sometimes they get both, in the second where you hit grid, you get your killright activated, get popped, and then your pod gets popped in the same exact second. Seems legit and totally not an exploit at all, right?

I mean, I know it takes me zero seconds to activate killrights (and make sure I'm not paying a billion ISK for them, too). it's so easy to filter everything except guys in shuttles and pods off the overview, then show only people with killrights. And then, obviously, clicking on them, then clicking the target, and moving your mouse to the button and accepting the killright. Couldn't be a macro, no, never.

Anyway, enough wild speculation about that. There's a new form of Hero Taxation.The method goes something like this.

Attack yourself with an alt. You may also, for example, attack a bunch of your corpies with a smartbombing noobship piloted by your alt. Why farm only one killright when you can farm 20?

Everyone with a killright sets the killright price as per the following formula;
Pk = Ps - Pi

Pk is the price of the killright.
Ps is the price of the ship. Let's say, an expensive ship, or at least a faction frigate like a Comet or something.
Pi = price of insurance.

Insurance price is, for example, 20% of the hull price and pays out 80%. So, lets take a Rattlesnake at 340M, you set your kill right at 302M. If anyone buys the right, you make 302 + 302 - 34M = 580M.

Of course, Rattlers are probably up at the extreme end of the scale - certainly this will work quite effectively with cheaper ships on undock from 4-4 or EFA. Your decision is whether you want yield or profit margin - do you go for something which is cheap and will be picked up almost instantly, and make you a little bit of money, or do you want to go for the big score? Or do you want to set it at a couple of million ISK and "dock" your shuttle and pod at EFA and get blapped by a hero?

Either way, you get money from a trivial killright event, being a harmless attack on you in highsec by an alt, from which you and your corp mates can farm almost limitless amounts of ISK from station camping heroes.

It's good that the kill rights and bounty system can't be gamed. It would undermine confidence in the punishments meted out for suicide ganking.

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